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December 31, 2010

Say What?

Christmas this year was pretty generous, to say the least. Not to mention an entirely new outlook with a little munchkin along for the ride. A picture? Of course I have one! Or two.

And the hit of the night?

Anyway, my dad has always been a handy guy, since I was a kid there were projects popping up left and right. He loves is amazing at building things. This Christmas we were surprised with… wait for it… A dining room table. Yep. Built by none other than daddio himself. Okay, yes, I had mentioned that we were without table. (Bear in mind again, I am a perfectionist and among the 45,000 dining tables in the world I was not able to find one that suited me.) So, I stumbled upon the idea of building one myself, which I mentioned to him. Genius over here decides that Santa is going to surprise us with it… the EXACT table. Say what? So much for not crying on Christmas. Yes, I cried. I’m a nerd.  Big deal. And let me tell you, you would’ve teared-up too. Enough talk, I know you guys want the good stuff. Check this baby out!

Best Christmas ever… for more reasons than one.
Jessie R.

Moving Along.

I am a perfectionist. I said it. And it has to stop, temporarily of course… for the sake of this blog. If I were to wait until I felt completely prepared for taking this on it may be, oh, another 34 years. So don’t judge me.  I know, my writing is flawless (chuckle) and the design on this page is just about as close to juvenile as it comes. But here I am. Now, don’t think that in the next week I won’t change things up obsessively, I will. This blog is bound to go through a handful of makeovers before I’m even remotely satisfied. And that’s okay with me. The idea is to get started. Speaking of getting started, I’ll stop boring you with the babble that runs through my head and get to the point.
To say what may crop up on this blog is pretty risky, in that I really don’t have a set plan. I’m hoping to cover primarily our house renovation and my passion for interior design, but I’m a wife and new mother so that opens up an entirely new set of subjects that I’m just beginning to explore. Plus I’ve learned that a super cute baby girl (unbiased) is pretty hard not to flaunt. We’ll just have to see where this takes us. So, don’t get to comfortable over there, many changes to come! Check back soon for before and after pics of our little cape cod so far!
Jessie R.