December 31, 2010

Say What?

Christmas this year was pretty generous, to say the least. Not to mention an entirely new outlook with a little munchkin along for the ride. A picture? Of course I have one! Or two.

And the hit of the night?

Anyway, my dad has always been a handy guy, since I was a kid there were projects popping up left and right. He loves is amazing at building things. This Christmas we were surprised with… wait for it… A dining room table. Yep. Built by none other than daddio himself. Okay, yes, I had mentioned that we were without table. (Bear in mind again, I am a perfectionist and among the 45,000 dining tables in the world I was not able to find one that suited me.) So, I stumbled upon the idea of building one myself, which I mentioned to him. Genius over here decides that Santa is going to surprise us with it… the EXACT table. Say what? So much for not crying on Christmas. Yes, I cried. I’m a nerd.  Big deal. And let me tell you, you would’ve teared-up too. Enough talk, I know you guys want the good stuff. Check this baby out!

Best Christmas ever… for more reasons than one.
Jessie R.

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