January 20, 2011

Bottled up with Inspiration.

Holy cow. I should be ashamed. I have been looking for color inspiration for our living and dining area for months now. It’s a been an on and off process due to complete frustration. I wanted something fun, but subtle, a little moody and muted, something natural but not neutral, and rich, rich, rich, but not over the top. Do you see my problem? Plus, I’m not really into monochromatic, I prefer a combination of at least two if not three colors. Yes, I can be impossible. Anyway. I could lie and say that this was the first time I stumbled upon these gorgeous glass bottles, but I’m a little obsessive when it comes to West Elm. What does this mean? Well, these babies surfaced at least three months ago. Meaning… that I browsed over them about a minimum of 100 times. I’ll go bury my nose in the corner now. But seriously. PURE BEAUTY.

I’m totally in love with this color combination. Specifically the amber, dark teal, and olive. Can’t wait to pull these into some textiles and accessories. Talk about inspiration overload.

Oh, yes. You. Are. Mine.

Pssst – I’m already onto compiling a collection of accessories incorporating these new colors! When the inspiration hits, you have to run with it. So check back soon for those updates!

Jessie R.


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