January 8, 2011

Dining Chair Roundup

We’ve narrowed it down to 4 options for the Dining Redo.

The first. West Elm’s Stackable Chair in the white finish at $100 a pop. This really isn’t an option considering that they’ve discontinued it. Boo. But it’s the favorite and I’m just hoping and praying that it comes back. Hey, a girl can dream.

Second. Another West Elm, Scoop-Back Chair in white at $80. Love the simplicity and clean lines. With this option we could do 6+ chairs without visually overwhelming the room. Plus the price is great. Double score!

Third. The Crate and Barrel Delta Chair at $100. One word: Classic. I could never get tired of this chair. Price, ehhh.

Fourth. An Eames replica, the Eiffel Chair over at Amazon at just $80. Also classic, just not sure if the legs are little much. May be a little too hectic for the look we’re going for. But, Oh So Beauuutiful.

Anddd… If I had all the money in the world? Easy choice. The Marais A Chair. Perfection.

Tell us what you guys think! Should we go for the price that’s right or fork out a few extra bucks and go all out?

Jessie R.


6 thoughts on “Dining Chair Roundup

    1. admin Post author

      I always lean more towards the more expensive anything design related. It’s a gift, lol. Inconvenient.

      Thanks for making me feel like I’m not talking to myself here haha.

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    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Those look great Jess! Thanks for the link, we’re actually considering painting our very same outdoor chairs soon.


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