January 28, 2011

Nursery Sources

So, a few of you guys have been asking about sources for the Nursery and instead of answering comment upon comment it’s probably easier for all of us if I just lay it all out at once. Enjoy!

Wall Paint Color – Ben Moore, Stonington Gray HC-170

Crib – Babies R Us, Babyletto Modo Crib (no long sold at BRU, can be found on Amazon) – $379.00

Crib Bumper Fabric – Spoonflower’s Heather Dutton, Power Paisley – $/yard

Crib Skirt Fabric – Spoonflower’s Heather Dutton, Kelp Dot Green – $/yard

Window Panels Fabric – Spoonflower’s Heather Dutton, Barnacle Net Coral Colorway – $/yard

All Bedding and Window Panels – Made by RockyTop Design

Glider & Ottoman – Babies R Us, Graco Avalon Glider & Ottoman – $220.00

Rug – Cost Plus World Market, 5 x 7 Shag Rug – $229.00

Window Blinds – 2″ Faux Wood Blinds – $29.00

Frame Ledges – Ikea, Ribba Picture Ledge – $15 & $10

Love Print – Made By Girl, Love Pattern Print – $9.50

Framed Letter “Z” – Homemade

Letter “Z” – Anthropologie, Zinc Letters – $18.00

Crochet Elephant – Etsy’s Five Sisterz, Elliot the Elephant – $14.00

Duck Print – Ikea, Kort Art Cards 5-pack – $5.00

Galvanized Tub – Lowes – $20.00

Dresser – Ikea, Expedit Bookcase – $69.99

Dresser Double Drawers – Ikea, Expedit Insert with 2 Drawers – $35.00

Dresser Single Drawers – Ikea, Expedit Insert Single Drawer (no longer sold) – $35.00

Coral Knobs – Anthropologie, Granita Knob – $6.00

Dresser Legs – Ikea, Capita Leg 4-pack – $10.00

Galvanized Bins – Lowes, Galvanized Storage Bin – $10.00

Green Lamp – Home Goods, Not Sold Online – $30.00

Giraffe Frame – Gift

Changing Pad – Gift

Changing Pad Fabric Cover – Spoonflower’s Heather Dutton, Rockweed Coral Colorway – $/yard

Wicker Cradle Basket – Gift

Framed Fabric – Spoonflower’s Heather Dutton, Collection – $/yard

Frames – Thrift Stores, Home Goods

Whew! Hope this helps everyone! Happy Hunting 🙂


37 thoughts on “Nursery Sources

  1. Nicola

    oh man .. i absolutely love the nursery youve created .. its fantastic … i squealed when I saw the expedit as a dresser as it is something my partner and I have been talking about doing … can you buy the legs at ikea ? or was this a diy ?

    again .. beautiful photos .. thank you so much for sharing !

  2. Amanda

    I stumbled upon your site while searching for some ideas with the Ikea Expedit bookcase. I love what you did with it! Though simple, it looks like a completely different piece of furniture 🙂 Beautiful room!

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  4. Esmeralda

    One last question about the paint color…I keep reading that this color has a slight hint of blue. What is your opinion? I am looking for a true soft grey with no undertones…talk about an almost impossible task! Any input would be appreciated!

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Despite the comments about the nursery’s paint color, it actually has no blue undertone in person. Or any other colored undertone for that matter. I searched long and hard for true gray and finally stumbled upon this one. We had about 5 samples that we painted test swatches onto the nursery walls. I would almost always suggest doing this if you’re really set on a specific color. And although this color works perfectly for us in our space, a new lighting scenario in a new room could result in the same color reading totally different. When in doubt always paint test swatches! Hope this helps.

  5. Megan

    I know this is an older post, but I’ve been looking through your blog (stalking maybe?! – hehe!) and I so wish I had found this before creating mine! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors and the personal touches. My daughter is 2 and she still doesn’t have everything up in her room for decor. It’s kind of sad. But I have BIG plans for her big girl room that’ll she move into in a year or two and I’m thinking of painting the walls of her nursery (our future nursery at some point) the same gray you painted for our future baby #2. I love it. It’s beautiful. And I love how you added things, like the galvanized bucket, instead of some cheap plastic toy box that lacks in the cute factor. Plus, galvanized buckets are just awesome! I may have to steal that idea too! Definitely keeping your blog as a future reference! Good luck selling your house (if you haven’t already!). It’s beautiful!!!

  6. Teagan

    I love the expedit bookshelf-turned-dresser! Question… the expedit is 15 3/8″ deep, but every changing pad I can find is 17″. How did you get your changing pad to fit the depth of the dresser??

  7. Jessica

    I have the same question regarding the depth of the bookcase. Would love to use this in our nursery but the changing pads are 17″ across. How did you make it work?

  8. kimberly

    love, love, love this!! i am redoing my daughter’s nursery in our new house and was wondering if you ordered the framed fabrics from Spoonflower, and if so, how did you know how much fabric to get? I appreciate people like you sharing your creativity with people like me, who have little :o)

  9. Laura T

    Hello! I found this room on pintrest and it’s amazing! You did such an incredible job. I had a quick question for you if you don’t mind – what fabric weight did you use for the curtain fabric from spoon flower? I’m looking to purchase from them to make curtains and I’m just not sure which to use. Thank you!

  10. Cristen

    I found your expedit turned dresser and LOVE it. I like a few others are wondering what changing pad you used so it would fit on the shelf.

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  12. Cam

    Thank you for sharing! This room looks fabulous! I was thinking of a dining room hack for my expedit, and I was looking for pictures to see what the drawer insert would look like in real life before I made the trek to Ikea, so your blog was a lifesaver.

    P.S. For the readers: I did see the single-drawer insert at my Ikea, even though it’s no longer listed on the website or shown on the floor. So if you’re interested in that, call them and see if they have it.

  13. Kim

    I love the colors you used in the nursery. What were the names of the fabrics that you have in the frames?

  14. Stephanie

    I am completely in love with the frames and the framed fabric. Do you have a tutorial for it? I would love to know how you put it all together. Thank you.

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Thanks Stephanie!
      I don’t have a tutorial, although I’ll definitely include one in the future if I decide to tackle a similar project. Fairly simple though, I just used thin cardboard pieces cut to size to wrap and secure the fabric around before placing into the frame. Pretty much everything else stayed the same. Hope this helps 🙂

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  16. katie

    Hi I love this site, full of amazing inspiration. Like others I am wondering how you fitted a changing mat on the bookshelf. I am really wanting to do this but can’t find a mat thin enough.
    Thanks Katie

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Thanks Katie! We have this changing pad from Pottery Barn (here’s a similar sized option from Babies R Us). The bookcase is 15″ deep and the changing pad is 16″. Since the bookcase doesn’t sit flush against the wall, we just push the pad back and don’t notice any overhang in the front. It sits very comfortably without any safety concerns. Our oldest is two years old now and it’s still working really well. Hope that helps!


      1. katie

        Thank you Jessie, that is great!
        I am just trying to decided whether to add tongue and grove ( I think you call it beadboard) in to the nursery like you did for Zoeys but i notice you didn’t do it for Lizzies. Do you think it is worth it as I know it looks fantastic but imagine it can be quite tricky!
        Once again thanks for the inspiration. Katie

        1. Jessie R. Post author

          We loved the bead board in Zoey’s nursery. We’d actually do it again in a heartbeat for Lizzy, it’s just a matter of finding time. It was surprisingly easy though. We bought the bead board in sheets, so it only took 2-3 sheets per wall. A pretty quick process!


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