January 3, 2011

Oh Boy..

Surprisingly this is a positive post, despite the title. I may or may not be MIA for the next few days. I’m on a slight information overload in addition to “new toy excitement” (the kind you get as a 7 year old on christmas morning). Eeek! Here’s the rundown.

Naturally, only hours after I decided to finally start blogging my laptop decides to take a crap on me. As in a complete hard drive failure… yep. Good thing I back up all of our files, not. New years resolution #1. The good news. We planned on purchasing a new desktop within the next year anyways. Yipee! Early late Christmas present for us! The problem, or problems should I say.. We lack an office area in home, we have no desk, we have no office chair, anddd neither of us are familiar with Macs.. Yes. A MAC. Ahh.. I am so in love. Obviously, this is my first. And take a look at this beauty.

Sighh.. Now to figure this puppy out. As for the desk, I fortunately have been window shopping for years. Mainly because I envy everyone out there with a separate office space and a girl just wants to dream. What have I been dreaming of you ask? Clean lines, classic, bright and fresh, and I love me some lacquer. And that leaves me with an easy choice.

The parsons desk from West Elm. We have a very small space, aka corner of our living room, for this so called office area.  The parsons is the perfect size, not to mention incredibly adorable. I love her. Now to save up. Until then you will find me sitting on the floor with Mr. Mac on a box. Ha.

Jessie R.


4 thoughts on “Oh Boy..

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  2. jess

    Welcome to the MAC world. We are so glad you joined us. 🙂
    When you bought it did they mention the one-to-one classes? You purchase it for a year for I think it’s $50 and go in once a week. They’ll train you on whatever it is you want training for.
    (I’m assuming you went to a store and not online)

    Have fun.

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      No they definitely did not mention that in the store. I’ll have to check it our for sure 🙂 That’d come in handy right about now.

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