January 12, 2011

Picture Perfect

I’ve neglected to show you guys a little update that we did in the nursery a few days ago. The wall between Zoey’s door and the closet doors had been bare for quite some time. I was set on doing one of her professional newborn pics, but it took me this long to get around to finally settling on one (she’s now over 2 months). We can go ahead and blame that indecision on our AMAZING photographer, Nikita Gross. She specializes in Wedding & Boudoir, but we were able to snag her for some maternity and newborn shots! Definitely take the time to check out her brand new website. It is magical (make sure you have your sound on!). Here’s what we came up with in the nursery 🙂

This would be a good time to go ahead an announce my all-time favorite store for affordable yet stylish frames. Ikea! Love, love, love. This frame measures about 20″ x 20″, came with the matting, and is a steal at $19.99. The only thing to watch for is the actual size of their mat openings. For instance, this frame calls for a 11″ x 11″ photograph. Not the most abundant size around. We ordered our copy from Costco, which had a 12″ x 12″ size option. Target is also an awesome source for ready-to-go picture frames. I’m loving the way it came out.

If you’re wanting more, check out a few of our photos here!

Floor updates in a few hours! (promise this time)

Jessie R.


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