January 18, 2011

Quick Fix

Okay. We’re a little exhausted from the past few years of major renovations around here at the Rettinger house. So… because I can’t completely give up the DIY projects (duh, out of the question) we decided to tackle a few smaller fixes! Yipee 🙂 Now, don’t get too excited. You have been forewarned. There are no super pretty pictures in this post. First up for sharing? Our awkward mini windows in the living room. Unfortunately this is the only before pic we have. As in before we even lived in the house, ha. And it’s a half shot.

See that tiny little misplaced window on the right there? Yea.. it has a twin. Actually, these windows are pretty common in a house of it’s era, but usually paired with a fireplace. Sigh.. no we don’t have one. The previous owner completely removed it. Who does that?? Anyway. They stuck out like a sore thumb. And with all of the other additions we’ve added to this room, we really hated that the eye went straight to these fugly windows. So… we made a few improvements. Now, most people wouldn’t think that adding more to a feature would actually make it blend with the rest of the room, but in this case it does just that. First, we had custom sized blinds made that we already had in the rest of the house. We totally scored on these white faux wood blinds from JCPenney’s. We got them during the holidays for 60% off! (Love!) Next up, the hubster added some simple molding around the exterior of the windows. We just used some 1×3’s to fit in with the rest of the house. We would have loved moldings with a little more character, but in our home it would have just looked out of place. So, simple it is.

Add just a few coats of white paint and…

Ta dah!

Okay, not the typical “after” shot around here. But definitely an improvement, and an easy one at that. We are loving how you don’t even notice these suckers now. Now to do something about these obnoxious cords hanging down from the TV that have been glaring at me all afternoon.

Jessie R.


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