January 10, 2011


I have been eyeing these delicious Beachcomber Baskets over at Pottery Barn for quite some time now. Aren’t they precious?

I’m loving the oversized look and the chunky weave. Definitely a new style this year. They would be perfect for an entryway to hold anything from shoes, to scarves and gloves, whatever your heart desires. The problem? The price is not as oh so nice. I’m talking $70 – $200 per basket. Yikes!

Unfortunately, it was too late. I’d fallen for them. So, I was left with only one option. Gut the Internet. This is a process where I find something that I deem absolutely necessary to have in order to continue with my day. I then scour the earth in effort to find an alternative. Okay, a little dramatic. But here’s what I found!

Crate & Barrel’s Basay Basket at $60! Compare that to PB’s similar sized basket (extra large round) at $130! Talk about saving some money. More than half the price. Great success! But…. You know me, I couldn’t just stop there.

What is that above you ask? Let me just tell you. Ballard Designs is offering a set of three (yes three!) woven baskets for just $99!! Sized as small, medium, and large which can be very misleading. The small is 11″H x 19″W x 10 “D. I’d say that’s large, meaning you get three oversized baskets at around 33 bucks a pop! We’re talking 1/4 the price of PB’s. Not to mention they’re better looking baskets. SOLD.

And if the organizer in you really wants to go crazy. How about these adorable little label holders?

I think yes.

PS – We’re finishing up the kitchen/hall floors tonight! Check back tomorrow for the updates!

Jessie R.


4 thoughts on “Score!

  1. katie taylor

    Ok… you have GOT to stop. i spent 2 hours with my mom today talking design details for some home projects i’m working on. now i’m supposed to be studying and you post this and i simply cannot focus. ;)
    PS Those baskets are an amazing steal! I have baskets everywhere in my house– TJ Maxx is a great little basket jackpot shopping spot.

    1. admin Post author

      Welcome to my world :) I am constantly in this state of mind! I gave up on focusing a long time ago, haha. Glad you’re interested though! I am a big fan of the ole Maxx too! Love a good find. Thanks for the comment Katie!

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