January 27, 2011

Working with a Small Entryway

Ok, not 100 percent complete but hey, that’s what this blog is all about anyway right? Keeping you guys updated on the process not just the before and afters. That’s something I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around. Definitely not in my DNA. I’m a “lets get this all done in one day” kinda girl. Not so much on lets drag this out for 3 weeks and show piece by piece. I’ll come around though, hopefully. For the sake of your brain and sanity Jess, please come around. Alrighty, that’ll be enough talking to myself for one day. Shall we?

After three years in our current house we finally broke down and switched up the living room. I say “broke down” because this wasn’t a simple living room rearrangement. Like I mentioned here, we have a HUGE sectional, which we split up. We’re storing half in the basement until we craigslist-it-up. Next we had to move our entire media wall to the opposite side of the room. That called for rerouting the cable and internet as well. The hubs loved that. And lastly, mounting the TV up on the wall. The 57 some odd inches TV. Can you say heavy? Oh, and not to mention the actual moving of all the furniture. Whew.

Anyway, completely worth all of the trouble because we ended up with an awesome space for an entryway, something we’ve never had the pleasure of creating (previously the front door opened directly into the side of the media center). So, we ended up with something a little like this. Well not really like this I guess, this. 🙂

It’s still a tiny space so we had to keep things fairly simple, which was a task with such a long “need list” of entryway necessities. Some of those included, coat storage, mail organization, shoe storage, winter wear storage, keys catch-all, and of course a mirror to check out your style… or lately, my lack thereof. Basically, storage, storage, and a little more storage, which is exactly what we ended up with. Starting from the bottom, we used one of the over-sized baskets that we mentioned here. It’s the perfect size to collect our daily shoes in. Our gloves, scarves, and other winter gear is stored in the ottoman to the left, an awesome buy from target at only $59 (we actually snagged two of them). We knew that we wanted to have several storage options so we chose an open console table with space for that below. This one we picked up on a trip to Ikea, which is technically a dressing table but we’ve found it to work just fine for our purposes. It even has a nice drawer for keeping things like ipod and phone chargers.

One of my absolute favorite items in our entire home is this change jar. We found a vintage apothecary jar on Etsy, but it could easily be done with one like this from Target. Add a little black chalkboard paint and you have instant function. Yes, this mini DIY project turned out pretty charming, but the reason I’m truly in love with my handy jar can be credited to my hubs. We have quite the change issue over here at the R Residence (which is a problem I’d take over many others any day). I’m talking change in the hallway, change in the bedroom, change in the laundry room, change falling out of your shoes and under your pillow kinda problem. Thanks to Big Money up there, yes that’s his name, now we only find change in half those places, ha. And since we are just full of issues over here, I’ll go ahead and lay our keys problem out on the table while we’re on subject. Well, you probably get the point. We’ve been late more than once from misplaced keys. This cute little candle holder ($2.99 at Ikea) does the trick.

And since we’re closing in on the end of this post I should mention the starting piece from this entire space, duh. Our oh-so-wonderful rustic mirror. I admit, we splurged a little on this guy, but it was oh-so worth it! We’re loving the modern/rustic vibe that we started with our dining table, so why not continue it. We found him on Etsy (popular place today) at a little shop called, Nature Inspired Crafts. It’s a winner, check it out!

Now, we realize that this space is still far from being finished. We still need a little color and some lighting (in the works), but we’re well on our way 🙂 What do you guys think? What do you use for entryway storage? What problems have you run into with compact entryways?


5 thoughts on “Working with a Small Entryway

  1. Katrina

    your entryway looks so cute! I love the basket! Since our front door opens into our entryway on a short wall we diy ledges and placed wedding pics on them – it works for the small space

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Yes! I remember your entryway. I actually considered doing something similar. I have plenty of space on each side of the mirror still. I’m thinking of doing some kind of frame collection.

  2. Ashton Necessary

    The change drawer is my favorite part! Have you seen the movie “UP”? This jar reminds me of the change jar from the movie, which I love!

    I am here from Young House Love…consider me hooked! The dark wood with white furniture and pops of color are just gorgeous and I can’t wait to implement some of your great ideas!

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