February 7, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Lets go back.

I’m talking four years back, when the hubster and I took our first vacay (I was in highschool, ha!). We won’t go into how my deranged parents allowed me to take this ten day trip with my boyfriend. A guy I’d been dating for only six months or so. Oh, also the first time to leave the country. Ha. I love them. Ok, back on track. So, on this amazing vacation, we took hundreds of photos. Three of which I just now got around to framing. The amazing photo taking can all be credited to the hubs. He takes great pride in his lighthouse pic. So… without further ado.

The lighting is a little off and I apologize for the glare. My photography skills are a little lacking to say the least. Grouping frames in odd numbers is a little trick that we’ve pulled many times throughout the house. Actually, grouping anything in odd numbers usually works (frames, vases, mirrors, etc). It’s all about the balance. But, as I was knocking out a few of these pics I realized we haven’t shown you our hall bath on the first floor. Duh.

We actually haven’t done a whole lot to it since the day we moved in. A few coats of paint, crown molding, and a bit of closet work was all it needed. Everything else was in tip top shape, we don’t go messing with that.

You can catch a little glimpse of the bathroom door opening right into the closet area. Yea, that was totally functional. We decided scrapping the once bi-fold closet door would help somewhat. We opted to add a curtain rod and hang an extra long waffle weave shower curtain for a little privacy in it’s place.

We painted the entire inside with a bright white to keep things fresh, added a few storage baskets, and threw in a laundry hamper for little Zoey’s towels. Yep, that was her robe 🙂

The open concept has been a tremendous help. With this being the main bathroom we use for Zoey, we’re constantly reaching in for her towels, washcloths, lotions, etc. It’s been great to have them right at hand without having to fuss with a door.

And before I forget, let me go ahead and mention the absolute best part of this whole closet transformation. As many of you know living in older homes, closet space is few and far between. For example, other than Zoey’s bedroom closet (that we added) this bathroom houses the only closet on the entire first floor. Oh yea. It’s been fun. Our biggest obstacle was figuring out what to do with large cleaning products. For us, this is basically just the broom, swifter, and vacuum. Well, now we’re two down, one to go.

Oh how I love having them out of sight. As for the vacuum? You’re guess is as good as mine. I don’t find myself stumped all too often when it comes to design issues, but the vacuum wins this one. I surrender. I’m throwing in the white flag. Well, for now at least 😉

Can’t forget the shower.

Maybe we could stick the vacuum in the bathtub when guests come over? Weird? Yea, disregard that.

Where did we start this post? Oh yea, vacation pics…

We’re loving them.

What obstacles have you guys run into with bathrooms? Have any small space storage tricks up your sleeve?


3 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never

  1. amber, this is the life

    i love this bathroom! that is so cool that you have those photos from your first big trip together, so special! and i just love how you organized that closet.

    p.s. i featured your nursery on my blog a couple days ago. i absolutely adore it 🙂

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