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April 27, 2011

Heck yes.

It’s no secret how consumed I am by West Elm. I drool over their products practically daily. I’ve been doting over this precious medallion jewelry box, it’s lacquer finish and all, for ehh… at least six months. A piece like this would so easily work in any room in our house. Perfect for storing all the small, less attractive junk.

Isn’t she purty? I’ve developed quite the soft spot for any and all things lacquer, especially if they’re white. Hence, our killer new parsons desk. And this pretty little lady is no different. Except, she is. See, I have no problem forking over a couple extra bucks for a solid new piece of furniture. A piece that we were in desperate need of in our office area. It wasn’t difficult for me to talk myself into that one. But a jewelry box? At $80.. Meh. Not happening. So I waited, and waited for a sale. No give. Plus, even with a 20 percent off sale we’re still talking about $65 plus shipping. And I’m having a hard time even remembering the last time I saw West Elm feature 20% off, let alone on the specific item I wanted.

So when I stumbled upon this deal I had to restrain myself from ordering in multiples. Although I still may do so…

Oh, wait. It looks like the same thing? Lets clear up some of the confusion.

Option A is from West Elm, measures 10.25″w x 7.5″d x 5″h, comes in a white lacquer finish and rings in at $79.

Option B is from Walmart (gotta love ya some Walmart), measures 12.5″w x 9.8″d x 4.7″h (larger), comes in a white lacquer finish and rings in at $19 (marked down in clearance from $29).

Heck yes.

Now, please do not buy out the rest of their stock before I have a chance to buy another!


April 25, 2011


This post is fairly unimportant, but I couldn’t help but share these hydrangeas we picked up over the weekend. I mentioned our awesome new teal mason jars a while back and threw around a few ideas for playing them up. One of those being a collection of white flowers. So far… Loving. It.

It really is the simple things.

April 22, 2011

Worth the Wait

I’ve been totally obsessing over this bookcase. Our living room has been calling out for some height and this would do the trick. Not to mention painting the back in a fun color to coordinate with the rest of the space. Yes, please.

And just as I gathered the courage to head on out to ikea to buy a Lack bookcase of my own… Discontinued.

Story of my life. So, after scouring the internet for an alternative I stumbled upon this guy.

Target’s Carson bookcase for only $110 + shipping. Not three days later I decided to make my move. What do ya know… Out of Stock.

I searched for a few more days for yet another alternative with no luck. So, when I decided to give it another try after another week or so and I saw this deal going on… Yea, credit card out.. sale complete.

Not only was the Carson back in stock, but it was on sale marked down from $119 to $89 PLUS it qualified for bullseye free shipping ($20 for a piece this large). Putting the total at $95 as opposed to about $145? Hell to the yea. Downside… 2-3 weeks before it’ll arrive. I’ll deal.

Now for a color… I’m thinking an olive green?

April 21, 2011


Last week you may have noticed a slight lack in posts. Well, my father-in-law is to blame. He generously invited the hubs and I to tag along for a weekend trip to Gatlinburg, which was oh-so needed. We had an absolute blast and although the “we’re home from vacation and back to normal life” mode has set in without remorse, we discovered a few finds that I’ve been dying to share.

On the way out of Sevierville there was a strip of antique and thrift stores that we managed to swing through. Here’s a little glimpse of what we stumbled upon. And yes, many people though I was a crazy person taking pictures of random objects in their stores.. Ricky included.

These beauties were the only actual purchase that we made of the bunch. I absolutely love old mason jars and when I spied these gals in teal I fell head over heals.

Right now, they’re living in our office area. I was thinking possible pencil holder, maybe a vase full of hydrangeas. As far as I was concerned at the time, they’d look great with just about any white accent.

I’m still kicking myself for not buying this next one. Five buckaroos for a mustard yellow vintage cookie jar… what is my problem, seriously.

If we hadn’t just purchased a new headboard for our bed I would have jumped all of over these old shutters. A grouping of them would make such a statement.

Last, but far from least.. this magnificent rustic dining table.  I didn’t even consider asking about price. If it had been affordable this puppy would have strapped to the top of our Explorer. No joke. Pus, at about 10-12 feet long this baby would have no place in my home…

But with it’s rustic charm I’m not sure how that stopped me.


Any good thrift finds lately?

April 20, 2011

First comes love..

… then comes marriage. Feel free to sing the “k-i-s-s-i-n-g song” throughout the remainder of this post. 🙂

Remember back in the day when you used to doodle your crush all over your notebook? No? Just me…

Regardless, our newest pieces of artwork makes me giggle every time I enter the room. Who knew I’d never grown out of this stage? Our first year anniversary nearing in on us is really bringing out the best of me. Ha.

We used our famous go-to Ikea Ribba frames to shape up these adorable prints of our initials “r” and “j”. The yellow heart may look familiar from this post. I’m really loving how all the mustard accents are pulling this room together.

And just in case anyone is wondering where our love maps are residing these days, they’ve found a nice little spot in the bedroom as well.

I may never fully recover from how seriously charming these little maps are. Check out the rundown on them here.

Any sentimental artwork lately?