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April 13, 2011

DIY Chevron Rug

Big surprise, right? I know, painting a rug with a chevron pattern is definitely nothing new the blogosphere and yes I’m following right along with the crowd. Blame me? These things are all the rage right now and the result for the price is just too much to pass up for this girl. I considered giving a full in depth how-to post but I’m sure you guys are getting a little sick of those. Plus, I’ll link to two of my favs here and here for every detail you could ever want 🙂

Now, onto the good stuff. I used Ikea’s Erslev rug for $40 at about 8’x6′. Not bad, although any flat woven rug will do. We debated back and forth between colors for about a week before I finally took the plunge with a dark teal. Sherwin William’s Low VOC Promar 200 in Eg-shel tinted to Ben Moore’s Bermuda Turquoise to be exact. It’s makes quite the statement. Me likey.

I’ve read others of using basic blue painter’s tape and it working out just fine but if you haven’t heard me raving about FrogTape before just know I swear by this stuff. It’s the mac daddy of the tape world. And as you can see, it didn’t disappoint.

Here’s a quick before shot I took just incase you have any doubt that this rug wasn’t always so magnificent. Yea, I’m that in love.

I tried to remember a few process shots but I was just way too into this one. All in all I put about four to five hours into it. It was a little tedious when marking out the chevron pattern but a whole lot better than waiting out the months of savings, if say I was interested in dropping a couple grand on a Madeline Weinrib rug…

Or even $500 for a similar West Elm model

With the rug coming in at $40 and paint at about $30 this baby only cost us 70 buckaroos. Heck yes. Plus, she’s totally customized to our color likings and coordinates perfectly with the rest of the space. Perfection has never been so easy 🙂

And just in case anyone is losing sight of the dining space on move in day, here’s a little flashback on our progress.

Moving along..

Now get out there and start painting your own rugs! Seriously, best project ever.


April 6, 2011

Gloss Heaven

Oh yes, check out that gloss.

Miss Parsons arrived this past weekend 🙂 I can’t stop staring… Isn’t she beautiful? Here’s a little before and after action. I think I’ve mentioned before that my previous setup consisted of an ottoman and a box. I wasn’t kidding. Here’s to keeping it real.

Pretty sad, right? Sometimes you just have to get the jobs done. It may not be so pretty but swing that ottoman around front and it works.. I suppose. Now, here’s saying goodbye to all those sleepless nights filled with cramped necks and weirdly sore fingers. And hello Miss Parson!


Alright, it’s still a slightly sad looking corner, but this is some real progress in the right direction. Still no chair. Lack of art. Lack of color. Lack of everything other than computer and desk… No worries, my brain has been turning on those subjects and I’m super excited to share more details soon!

So, as I said, not a mind-blowing before and after. But just for kicks…

…and after

We’ll call it a before and progress.

April 4, 2011

Etsy Exposed 4/4/11

I have a new Etsy crush. Go figure. This shop is definitely worth adding to your favs.

Check out Little Brown Pen 🙂

We’ve been looking to add a few more pops of color to our master bedroom and we’ve been playing with the idea of doing so through prints and photographs. Could you make life any easier on us?

Yellow + Awesome Photography + Made to fit sizes for Ikea’s Ribba frames + wait for it…. the catcher – a set of nine coordinating shots at only 45 buckaroos. Yea, that’s a no-brainer. Not to say that you couldn’t DIY something pretty similar, but hey, who doesn’t love an easy fix at that price? Yes, please.

And if yellow isn’t your cup of tea, how about purple?

or green?

or pink?

maybe blue?

Ok, you guys get the picture. Head on over here to get even more options!