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July 21, 2011

Eat Your Heart Out

Whoa.. where have you guys been? 😉

So, long story short, I’ve been MIA for a while. We’ll call it a few months of personal reflection. A little rest and recovery never hurt anyone. Plus, anyone in the creative biz knows inspiration isn’t always aflowin’ and a few days months can be all ya need to get back on your feet. And on my feet I am.

Which is quite the feat considering the ordeal that’s made it’s best efforts to rain on our parade. We’re really not the type to engage in conflict. Happy wife blog = happy life. But when you’re blatantly attacked regarding an issue you feel so strongly about, it’s a little tough to back down.

So, now that you’re completely lost, try if you can to think back to our post, “Feelin’ the Love” (title is quite ironic now). You may remember the detailing of how-to make the precious heart maps of places close to the heart. We took our inspiration from a few pics floating around on Pinterest that had originated from a shop called Bombus. Just like any other DIY project we sink our teeth into around here, it was merely for personal use around our home. And, just like nearly every other aspect of our life, we jumped right on here to share it with you. A few months later and a little more blog exposure, we caught wind of some pretty sickening comments/emails. Take a look for yourself down below in the comments area.

After removing all photos and links associated with Bombus (at their request) we were contacted demanding the removal of photos that I had taken personally of the project. Legally, we were informed that we were doing no harm by leaving the post up. But after long talks with family, friends, and fellow bloggers we decided to remove the post.

Plain and simple – we have bigger and better things going on around here (more on that soon!) to be caught up in the overwhelming negativity. I’m slightly disappointed regarding the fact that I still feel I wasn’t in the wrong initially, but it feels good to put a foot down and move towards happier days. Even if that means giving into the bully. Now we’re ready to put attention towards our true readers into to full swing. After all, you guys are the pep in my step that keep this thing running 🙂

As for the folks over at Bombus… lets just hope all those comments were worth the damaged reputation.

Please note: I will not be posting any further harassing comments regarding this post. If you feel the need to continue whining… well, you may want to speak with a therapist.