January 31, 2012

New House Preview

The new place isn’t officially ours just yet, but we’re beginning to feel a little more confident as things like the appraisal, inspection, and loan process continue to pan out well. And since we’ve been dying to share house pics and future plans with you guys, we figure a few couldn’t hurt before actually signing on the dotted line. As I mentioned here, this four bedroom ranch is a definite fixer upper. We have huge plans for the inside, basically an overhaul from top to bottom, but the outside won’t be left behind either. Some new landscaping is must come spring time, along with a few other projects we’ve been tossing around. We’re debating a front porch addition, possibly some updated garage doors, front door, new shutters, lighting, etc. Plus this baby is in dire need of a color boost. The list will most likely continue to evolve as we dig in a little deeper after move in day comes and goes. Now, excuse the quality of this photo, I jacked it straight from the realtors listing 🙂

We instantly fell in love with the all brick facade and giant older trees that surround the property. She sits back off the street quite a bit more than most homes we saw, a huge plus with kiddos. And hello privacy, something we didn’t see much of in our last home, being that it sat about two feet from another home on either side. Ugh.

Right now she’s rocking a color combo of browns and creams, which I don’t love. We’re thinking some grays, blacks, and pops of color will really freshen up the look and play off the dark red brick color as well. Seriously, this home has so much potential it makes my brain hurt waiting for it to be ours. As for the backyard, we’ll hopefully be sharing some pics as soon as we have the keys. Dishing out too much before it’s set in stone just seems like a jinx waiting to happen. But floorplans couldn’t hurt, right?

 I whipped these plans up during nap time so don’t hold me to the exact dimensions and layout. Should be fairly close though. Oh, and completely ignore any colors floating around. This is how the home looks as of right now, with the original living, dining, kitchen and three bedrooms up front. Previous owners then tacked on an additional bedroom and family room in the back. It’s actually reasonably open concept for such an older home, but we’re hoping to open it up even further and expand a bit with these plans 🙂

We’re scrapping the walls separating the kitchen from both the dining and living areas and looking to put a giant island in it’s place. More in depth kitchen details to come. Then we plan on using the back bedroom as the master since it’s a bit secluded from the other three. Plus, we can adjust it’s size to accommodate our needs with the addition we’ll be building even further back. And by needs I am of course referring to the on suite bath and walk-in closet 🙂 Duh. Girls have needs. We figure while we’re bumping back the bedroom portion why not take the living room wall back with it as well. Extra living space is always a bonus.

So, these plans are about as vague as they come and I’m sure I’m leaving out a million points I meant to include but there will be many more posts to come, spilling all the deets. We’ve pretty much chosen the majority of the major finishes throughout the house, so it’s really just a matter of finding the time to actually sit down, write, edit, and share. Wish me luck!

Side note – The difference in free time a parent has between the infant stage and the toddler stage continues to amaze me as attempt to get back into the blogging world. Mehh.


5 thoughts on “New House Preview

  1. Melissa @ the nestchapter

    I just recently found your blog. I’m really excited for today’s post because we have almost the exact same layout in our home minus the laundry room and addition in the back, but the original layout is basically the same. We have hopes of renovating it in the future, too. Good luck with the purchase! 🙂

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Hi Melissa! Thanks for stopping in. I checked out your blog, pretty awesome that we have resembling layouts! Always fun to see how others renovate a similar space 🙂

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  3. Martha Thomas

    Oh my heavens!!! I love love your blog! My husband and I and our two boys live in a 1950’s ranch in Central Texas and it looks like a mirror image to yours. I’m not even kidding. We even have a matching wood burning stove/fireplace in the corner with tile behind it. I ran across your blog from pinterest and I’m so glad I did! We are going to remodel (a ton) with in 18 months and I’m going to be hooked to your blog for great ideas. I wish you could know how blown away I am at the similarities of our houses!

    Good luck with your new home! We’ve LOVED ours for the last 13 years. Thanks for sharing your journey!!

    Ok, now I just read the two other comments that say they also have the same layout in their houses as you do. WEIRD. In our neighborhood all the houses seem to be completely different. Ok. I’m calming down. But I’m off to find more 1950’s ranch houses for inspiration since apparently they are much more common than I realize.

    Thanks for “allowing” me to kinda vent my surprise in this comment. Sorry it’s so long…..

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