February 16, 2012

Bring ‘Em Down

It has begun. Well, technically, it began almost a week ago if we’re talking demo. However, now that the house is nearly back to it’s bones, with the exception of the actual walls and floors, we have officially started the “rebuilding phase”. It isn’t pretty. That’s a lie. Personally, I think it’s at least ten times better than what we started with. But to the average person.. the place is a full-on disaster zone.

Exhibit A: View from the front door. Eeek.

If you can’t remember back, here’s what we started with.

We started by ripping out the walls separating the kitchen from both the living and dining areas. We’re all about the open living concept, and if you can’t feel the difference from the pictures alone, take my word. The space is feeling twice as big! Plus we love the idea of working in the kitchen while still having the option to do things like interact with people in other rooms and watch the kiddos play.

We were able to save the cove ceilings in the living room and hallway but there was no way around removing them in the dining room. Boo. The kitchen never had them to begin with and after removing the wall and header between the two spaces there was no easy way to mesh the two looks. We are planning on adding some pretty beefy crown to the two spaces though, which should help the entire house feel like less of an after thought. We’ll see.

Please try and ignore the spiderweb of wires going on. The electric work is nearly complete, just not looking so pretty without fixtures and covers yet.

We’re keeping the original header that runs the length of the house and divides the kitchen/dining area from the front living room. Not that we have much choice, it holds the house up. Also the reason for the column seen above. On the positive side, we were lucky enough to be able to get by with only one column, not the original two we had anticipated.

It’s already a little difficult to remember back to the ugly kitchen that once was.


Not exactly pretty just yet but…


I think this space is self-explanatory. We kept… nothing 🙂

The last major change we worked on before putting all the pieces back together was the dining room. There was an existing opening between it and the family room at the back of the house. But due to our overly large dining table and future built-ins, she just wasn’t wide enough. The table would have jutted out into the kitchen space and blocked the majority of the pass through from the front of the house to the back. Maybe a little confusing, but things will start making sense in the next couple weeks!


Since this wall was the original brick exterior of the home (before the addition) we had to add a support beam running the length of the new opening.


As for demo in the family room and master bedroom, we’re planning to hold off until the rest of the home is complete. Long story short, there isn’t enough time before baby #2 arrives to renovate the entire house. Sure it would save a lot of headaches if we could just go ahead with it all at once, but half a house entirely complete is better than a whole house 50% complete. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

So where do we go from here? Well, the hubs and our awesome crew of family and friends have been working their rears off the past few days. The hanging of the drywall (which we’re doing ourselves) should be wrapped up in the next day. But since the walls here are plaster, and we added drywall to replace the cove ceilings, we’re not looking to mess anything up. We’ll be having a friend who specializes in drywall to mud and sand for us. We learned with our last home (which we DIYed most of the drywall in), that it’s just one of those things that really pays to have done right.

From there we move on to flooring!


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