February 2, 2012


So I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ll probably repeat myself ten thousand times more, but we’re on a slightly tight schedule around here. As in, hey lets flip a house in three weeks so we have a place to bring home baby to. No big. Sike. The pressure is on. Which surprisingly, isn’t bothering me all that much. Mostly just my inner design self running free like a kid all jacked up on pixie sticks. Yep, good times. For me at least. Throwing together a complete remodel in a few weeks is practically my dream job… and completely nerve wrecking.

Since there really isn’t time for waiting to choose all of the finishes until after we have the home we’ve been busy at it. We were super pumped when we first saw the house and it’s hardwood floors flowing throughout, but after a closer look we realized they were completely trashed. Deep gouges and scratches that even with a ton of sanding would still show through. Bummer. Except not really because as much as original hardwood would have been awesome, the idea of shopping around for brand spanking new floors was just as exciting. We knew we wanted hardwood again, something rich with character, and fairly dark in color. Which is about when I stumbled upon a post from House Tweaking, with the most perfect floors.


They’re actually an engineered hardwood. And since we plan on using them in areas with water and heat like the kitchen, laundry room, and possibly bathrooms we really couldn’t get a better fit with the look we’re going for. We ordered a few samples, but ultimately went with our original instincts, the Texas Brown. They’re gorge. And the kicker? $2.19 per square foot. Hells yes. We’re planning to run these puppies throughout the entire house for a nice seamless flow. Then we’ll just have to invest in a few solid area rugs for the kiddos to roll around on in the main living areas and bedrooms. Can not wait to see how these look once installed! Come on closing day!


6 thoughts on “Flooring

  1. Sarah

    Jess, the guy that refinished our hardwood floors was amazing! Not sure floors could look worse than ours did and they came out beautiful. Let me know if you want his name. I think it was aroun $1500 for the first floor and stairs.

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Thanks Sarah! We’re kinda pumped about our new ones anyways (plus we already ordered them, ha!). Won’t be costing us much more either thankfully 🙂

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