February 12, 2012

Quick House Walk-through

We’re officially home owners again! Whoop whoop. We closed quickly on Friday with absolutely no complications (huge surprise!). And then, of course, got right over to the house to get our hands dirty 🙂

Not before some before shots though! Here’s a quick walk-through..

Shot from the street, a little better quality than the previous pic I posted about here. Like I’ve mentioned before, we’re totally in love with the exterior of this home. Not to say that we won’t be changing it up quite a bit, but the bones are great. Hello big, beautiful trees. When spring time rolls around we’ll dig more into the exterior plans.

Before we move inside, a few pics of the backyard. This is taken from the left side of the house looking towards the back of the property.

Yes, we definitely have a few water issues to address here but nothing that can’t be fixed. Again, awesome tree lined property. Hoping to put up a nice privacy fence in the near future and some landscaping. The lot is just over a half of an acre, so plenty of room for the kiddos.

Taken from the same spot, just looking more towards the house.

Can’t wait to try out of patio furniture once the weather allows. The sliding glass doors seen lead into the family room and, although it’s difficult to see, there’s also a door in the brick portion leading to the laundry room. We’ll get to that.

Alright, lets move it inside.

Obviously, front door. Technically, there isn’t a foyer so this leads directly into the living room. The hardwood is actually in fairly good shape in this room and we love the cove ceilings. Character galore once we get some contrasting paint on these walls and paint the cove in a bright white. We’re really digging more of a craftsman style (despite the fact that we purchased a ranch), so we’re planning on switching out a few things like the front door to demonstrate that.

This next view is from the large window shown above. That’d be the dining room straight ahead and the family room through the following opening. The kitchen is hiding just beyond the large wall to the left. We’re planning on a built-in storage slash bench seating on the wall farthest to the right in the dining space.

This next shot was taken in the space between the living room and the dining room. We’re looking down the hallway that leads to the three original bedrooms and bath. No pics of the bedrooms just yet. The only major thing that will be changing anytime soon is the flooring, possibly paint, and some trim. I think you guys can get the picture.

I’m totally bummed that I forgot to take a before pic of the bathroom, but I do have one from the listing. Try to get past the quality.

So, pretty terrifying. We’re totally gutting this room. New everything from top to bottom.

Back to the dining room, looking into the not-so-glorious kitchen. Cabinets, gone. Appliances, gone. Counters, gone. Walls, gone. As of.. well, now. This space has already made a huge transformation (more on that in the next few days).

Moving on to the laundry room, which you can catch a glimpse of through the kitchen above.

Here you can see the door I mentioned earlier, that leads to the backyard. We have big plans for this laundry/ mudroom.

Another laundry pic with a sliver of the door leading to the garage on the left. This is the space that we’re hoping to give more of a mudroom feel. We’re thinking some awesome built-ins will help it function more as a drop-off area.

Now, jumping back over to the family room in the back of the house. This is taken from the doorway in the dining room. We’re pretty much unattached to every single aspect of this space. Except maybe those vertical blinds (wink, wink). The future master bedroom is directly through those bi-fold doors, which has absolutely nothing master about it currently.

With the addition that I spoke of, we’re really hoping to expand the space and give it more of a luxurious feel. And that goes for the family room as well, which should nearly double in size.

Here’s a look at the sliding glass doors that lead to the backyard along with more lovely wood paneling, vertical blinds, and nasty carpet 🙂

So, we have our work cut out for us, no denying that. But we’re suuuper excited to get this party started. As a matter of fact, the majority of the house that you’ve just seen looks completely different already. We’re hoping to knock out the remainder of the demo today and move on to electric and plumbing. The plumbing work isn’t too extensive, and the hubs is an electrician by trade, so he’ll be “DIYing” all of it. Should be ready to start putting her back together once we complete that 🙂 More process pics soon!


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