February 9, 2012

The Deets

We shared a few of our favorite inspiration kitchens earlier this week, so it’s about time to move on to what our actual plans are. When designing our kitchen we tried to keep in mind that it would be a space that’s going to be around for a while. Sure, we can switch out things like accessories, lighting, hardware, etc., but for the most part the majority of the finishes will be around for the long haul. I’d like to think that our design taste leans towards more classic pieces anyway, but we really tried to tailor our selections to things that wouldn’t be completely dated in the years to come. I’m also pretty crazy about switching up color schemes on a more than regular basis, so the big ticket items are primarily neutral. This way when we decide that green just isn’t our thing anymore, we won’t have to drop any serious cash to replace things like say, the countertops. Not that I would go with green counters anyways. You get the gist. Moving on.

Cabinets. We renovated the kitchen in our last home and purchased all of the cabinets from Home Depot. We were pretty new into the whole remodeling thing, and although they held up extremely well and we were nothing but satisfied with them, the price just isn’t in our budget this go-round. We shopped around somewhat but quickly found no comparison to Ikea’s prices. We’ve seen several Ikea remodels and love how you can transform their out of box cabinets into a look that’s more custom with just a little work. Plus, their online kitchen design tool is totally fun and easy to play around with. Oh, and did I mention all the interior fittings? I’ve easily lost hours in my day getting caught up in all the options.

We’re going with their Adel style door fronts in off-white. We love the simple and classic design and the color should keep things bright and open. They also offer the same style in a glass front, which we’ll be using on either side of the range hood. Before I go any further, we’ll just go ahead and share the overall picture. Things should be a little more clear with this.

Try to ignore the missing countertops and the randomly elevated dishwasher to the left of the sink. Minor details 😉 So, nothing too crazy but a basic floor plan should help things come together a little better. You can see from the pic that we’re going with Ikea’s Lansa door handles, or something similar in design. We’ve also been dying to get our hands on a farmhouse sink and we were completely sold when we saw their Domsjo version at only $185. Yea, duh. We’re going with the smaller of the two options, a single bowl design. We had a double bowl at our last home and it was really more of a pain than convenience. Over it.

We’re also super pumped about the appliances. I never dreamed we’d be purchasing appliances from Ikea, on account of the terrible reviews years ago, but it seems that they’ve had a huge turn around. People seem to be extremely satisfied with their performance nowadays and their sleek designs are to die for. We’ve caught wind of another upcoming kitchen sale as well. Yea, we know people. Ok, it was the nice employee lady working the kitchen department. But we’re hoping for another 20% off all kitchen purchases to really save on some buckaroos. Especially since we’ll be doing a slight splurge on these 🙂

Ok, you have no idea what that is. Soapstone countertops. Beautiful soapstone, you make my life complete. We were all about something that would contrast well with the bright white cabinetry but not so keen on the granite and corian and what not popping up everywhere. We love that it has more of a matte and talc-y look and feel compared to all the shine out there. From what we’ve read and heard the maintenance should be fairly easy compared to other counter options and it’s supposed to hold up extremely well. Since it’s non-pourus we won’t have to deal with any stains, plus it’s totally heat resistant and any scratches or dents can be sanded out. Looove.

But you know we can’t live without a little glitz. Cue the shine 🙂

Glossy white subway backsplash tile. Yum. Sooo it’s pretty much in every kitchen on the face of the earth this year. Big whoop. We love it. It’s classic, it’s simple, and despite it’s recent trending I don’t see these bad boys going anywhere fast. Now here’s to finding a white finish that doesn’t make our “off-white” cabinets look grimy and dirty. Meh.

Lets talk faucet. Honestly people, what is a farmhouse sink without an awesome gooseneck faucet to complete the look? Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t live without it. We’re loving this one in a sparkling chrome finish. Love the convenience of the pull-down sprayer. I’d like for it to have a slightly taller faucet height, so we’re still shopping around for possible better options.

Now, since I’ve completely lost track of any order within this post, lets jump back to countertops and talk island. We were pretty set on going with the soapstone throughout the entire kitchen until I stumbled on this pic, a fav that I wrote about here. This is about the time that I realized most of my favorite kitchens had butcher block islands. Like this one.

And this one.

And here.


Obsessed much?

Yea, so that last one isn’t exactly butcher block. You get the point. Wood please. Maybe it’s the warmth that it instantly brings to the room, I don’t know. But we’re sold. Now, the last few things are less major but in my opinion just as important. Lighting and bar stools. Yes, onward with the random-ness.

Industrial inspired pendant lighting. Not totally set on a specific fixture just yet, but something to top the island with a oil-rubbed bronze finish, possibly a glass shade, or some sort of zinc finish. We’re really looking to have some fun in this department and find something that will play up the bar stools. We’re leaning towards these!

Not completely game on the galvanized finish since something a little more colorful might be just what this kitchen needs. That’s a little down the road though.

Basically, we’ve narrowed everything down to exactly what we want or have a pretty strict idea of the style. Which is pretty good considering we learned in past few days that we’ve successfully had our closing date bumped up. To when? Oh you know, tomorrow morning 🙂 No bigs. Should be cranking out some awesomely hideous before shots early next week! Stay tuned!



18 thoughts on “The Deets

  1. Laurie

    You and I share the same taste in dream kitchens! Truly divine. I like the idea of using butcher block on the island. Not only will it help to keep the cost down, but the wood really warms up the space. I’m currently renting a condo, so if you don’t mind, I’ll just keep checking in and live vicariously through you. 🙂 good luck with the renovations, and I can’t wait to see your progress!

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  6. Amanda

    Completely obsessed with your kitchen (I’ve been stalking your blog all day, after coming from YHL). I have a question about your cabinets. On the IKEA website, those cabinets appear to come in only one size. Were you able to special order a particular size, since your bottom and top cabinets are different heights? Or did you just refinish the bottom cabinets separately, to look like the top ones?

    I really love what you came up with. It’s so clean and open and fresh, and still comfortable and well-planned in terms of use. Bravo. =)

  7. Kim

    We are planning to start a kitchen renovation (doing most of the work ourselves) next year. I’m interested in your experince with the IKEA cabinets. Hubby loves them but I get a little confused when I look at their catalog and options. Can you give your overall opinions on the cabinets and what to watch out for?

    By the way, your kitchen looks marvelous!

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      The Ikea cabinets were a breeze. Ricky is pretty familiar with putting together Ikea furniture at this point, and they’re very similar. More time consuming than anything. The upper cabinets come with a rail system for the wall to make installing super easy. As far as choosing cabinet sizes they have a user-friendly kitchen planner online. You can save your design and then re-open it once in the store. The employees will be able to help you tweak any problems you run into and they’ll run through the entire design to make sure everything is appropriate. And if you’re really not into designing the kitchen yourself, just take in the measurements of your kitchen and they’ll basically do it for you! We were really impressed with the quality of the cabinets for such a low price. We especially low the slow-close attachments for the doors and drawers, makes it feel a bit more high end. Really the only thing I might tell people to watch out for is the Adel door color. We knew ahead of time that the color is not a bright white, but more of an off-white. It’s a little hard to tell in-store. Hope this helps!

  8. Lesley Warren (@ChaoticallyCrea)

    I’m so glad to know you love the soapstone I’ve been wanting it for years because I am not a fan of the shine of granite either plus I’ve seen far to many granite counter tops with big cracks in them. I love your kitchen and it’s given me some confidence in the choices I had in mind for my updates. AWESOME! lesley

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  10. Kimberly mahne

    Can I ask what paint color your ceiling is? We have concerns that a bright white will leave the cabinets dingy. Thank you!!

  11. Heather Vogel

    Question for you…where did you get the last ‘non’ butcher block kitchen example? I would love to know the source. TIA!

  12. Laurie

    I have been considering Soap stone counters and I’m wondering how you feel about yours? Do you still like them? Thanks!


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