March 4, 2012

And 12 Gallons Later…

Can I just say Gahhh… That’s how I currently feel about painting. Realistically, that’s how most people feel about painting all the time. I, on the other hand, secretly enjoy it. Especially the cutting in part. Yea, I know… you hate me. It’s fun. I don’t know. Something not right. It’s never been right.

However, after painting the walls, ceilings, and trim in three bedrooms, the living room, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom…. I. Am. Over. It. What’s even more depressing? We haven’t installed baseboard and crown in any of these rooms. Yea, more painting. But I must say, she’s looking pretty good right about now.

(view from kitchen into dining/ hall/ living area)

Now, if there’s not paint there, something else will be. I could go through each picture and detail what and where, but that would be boring for all of us. Just think kitchen cabinets, built-ins, baseboards, crown molding, etc.

(view from dining into living/ front entrance)

(view from dining into kitchen)

Moving on to color. You may be completely bored with what you see. I can’t say that I disagree entirely. But, we love gray. Our last house was about 75 percent gray (in varying shades). We went with Ben Moore’s Grey Husky (color matched in Sherwin William’s Low-VOC Harmony paint) in literally every single room but the bathroom. It was an easy choice. We needed an easy choice. We used it in both the living and dining rooms at our old home and I’m happy to say that I’m just as obsessed with it in our new home. If you’re looking for something medium toned and warm, this is it.

(Future girls’ shared bedroom + flooring overload)

Now, the odds of all these walls remaining this color? Slim to none. But with our timeline and my brain capacity, the challenge of choosing the exact colors that would work with designs for rooms I haven’t even compiled yet was not in the cards. Grey Husky was a no-brainer choice for the time being.

As for the ceilings and trim, we had paint matched to Ikea’s Adel white cabinets. Since we have plans of taking the upper kitchen cabinets to the ceiling and adding crown for a more finished look, we wanted everything else to blend seamlessly. Normally I wouldn’t have been so concerned with the color being exact, but the Adel cabinets are more of an off-white and may have looked “dirty” next to a brighter white.

(view from bedroom end of the hallway back towards living areas)

So, now that you’re bored out your mind with all the gray, how about some color? As mentioned in this mood board, we chose Ben Moore’s Hale Navy for the kids/ guest bathroom. I really can not express how totally awesome this color is. It looks exactly like the sample chip. It’s sooo rich. We can’t wait to start the tile install and really make it pop with the white of the subway tile and hex flooring. De-lish.

(vanity/ toilet wall)

(straight-on view from door, linen closet to the right)

And since I’m dying to share how the newly installed floors are looking as of today, here’s a little teaser pic of what’s to come!

Mmm… dusty 🙂


5 thoughts on “And 12 Gallons Later…

  1. [email protected]

    I have the same strange disease you have when it comes to cutting in paint, but after that much, it tough to stay giddy! Great color choice. Just found your blog and loving it and your style.

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  3. Melanie

    Do you have to color code for your paint match to the Adel white cabinets? I have tried matching it because we are also installing those cabinets but I wasnt satisfied with the results! Did you use a semi gloss finish?

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Hi Melanie,
      We went to Sherwin Wiliams to have the paint color matched. They always do a fantastic job. I attached an image with the code they used. This particular paint can was for the ceiling in a flat, but the trim is in semi gloss (same color).
      Paint Color Match


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