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April 4, 2012

Getting Back on Track.. Sort of.

Oh, hey 🙂

So.. we’re moved in! As of three weeks ago. Yea, slight time lapse. The good news? You haven’t missed much. Turns out, with a newborn and a 16 month old, things around here have slowed to a snail pace. But we’re beginning to get back into somewhat of a routine. Aka, projects are popping back up on the to-do list! As for the house? Well, it still looks a lot like it did the day we moved in.

Not so pretty.

But on the flip side, a few totally awesome things have happened since our last update (we’ll get into more detail soon).

And things getting done also means we have areas that look like this.

 And even better, this.

So, we have quite the amount of work to do before any big reveals. However, the kitchen counters are being installed later this week! Which can only mean it’s well on it’s way to D.O.N.E. At least from a construction standpoint 🙂