July 12, 2012

Bath Art

We made a small update in our guest bath. It’s definitely no big reveal, so don’t be disappointed. We’ve had our eyes out for some artwork to fill our completely bare walls in the newly renovated bath. I finally took matters into my own hands a few weeks ago, and then the art sat on our dining room table for three weeks until we decided it might look better actually hanging on the wall 😉 Genius.

We used a few pics (that hubs took himself on our first ever vacation, more on that here) from our previous home’s bathroom. But I decided to switch things up a little with the mat inserts. I LOVE simple white frames (who doesn’t) but they can tend to get a little repetitive, aka boring, throughout an entire home. A simple way to switch it up without losing that cohesiveness and flow in your home is to get creative with the mat. Spray painting the mat in a fun color, or replacing it with simple construction paper can really make you’re photos pop. Another trick I love is adding fabric or material around the mat.

This time around we chose to go with burlap. I had some extra lying around from a table runner I made a while back, so this didn’t cost a thing. I just cut it to size, wrapped it around the mats, and secured with painter’s tape. So easy, but I think it really adds a lot of interest and A TON of texture.

Burlap is a little messy up close, nothing we can do about that, but I’m kind of loving the homemade/ not so straight lines look.

Coming down the hallway and seeing this out of the corner of my eye just makes my day.

We have a piece in mind for the opposite wall from an amazing Etsy shop that will bring in a ton of color. Just a matter of pulling the trigger…

Tackled any burlap projects of your own lately? Any cool ideas for dressing up mats? I’d love to hear em 🙂



7 thoughts on “Bath Art

  1. Janie

    Recently discovered your blog and I’m in love! I love your style and am excited to follow you renovating and decorating your new home. I’m a fellow-Cincinnatian too so I’m thrilled I can check out your sources for local purchases 🙂

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