July 31, 2012

Laundry & Mudroom Plans

When we first laid eyes on our new/old house I immediately fell in love with the laundry room. Not only was it on the first floor and directly off the kitchen, it also had an entrance to the garage and backyard, and it was HUGE. A functioning laundry room was near the top of my priority list when searching for a new home, but I never imagined I’d have enough space to incorporate a mudroom as well. I was ready to sign the contract then and there.

Five months living in our new home have flown by and we’re finally ready to turn this space into what we’d imagined that first day. I’m a full believer that laundry can be a fun time if you have a beautiful, functioning space to work in. Not going out on the town, trip to the zoo, eating an entire box of cookies fun, but laundry fun. Work with me.

We shared a few of our favorite inspiration pics yesterday, and from them we’re hoping to completely transform our existing space. Here’s a look at what we started with on move-in day:

(view from kitchen door)

 (view from backyard door)

Before we even begin to talk aesthetic changes, we have to take care of the floor plan. The existing layout could not possibly waste any more usable space or be any more dysfunctional.


We’re looking to make a few minor changes that should nearly double the available space. Rooms with several doors, none of which we wish to close off, are often difficult to work with. Without a proper layout the functioning within the room could fail miserably, as our space is so kindly demonstrating. By eliminating or moving existing doors, or simply reworking the space, you can improve the flow from one room to another immensely. Now, for the changes we’re looking to make.


1. Combine the Closet Spaces for the Water Heater & Furnace – Having two separate enclosures on opposite corners of the room kills far more space than necessary. We’ll be moving the water heater to the sit alongside the furnace. In this process we’ll be expanding the furnace closet and relocating the door to the garage about one foot further to the left on the same wall. This will eliminate the need for the water heater closet all-together and open up an entirely new book of options.

2. Move the Dryer – The current setup, with the washer and dryer on separate walls, is completely whack. We’re not exactly sure how this worked out, but the bottom line; it’s not working out. With the dismissal of the water heater closet, we’ll now have plenty of room for the two to sit side by side on the washing machine’s existing wall.

3. Storage – As far as the laundry side of the room goes, we’ll be adding a tall cabinet to house miscellaneous laundry and cleaning supplies. With the exception of closets within the hall bathroom and bedrooms, our home has zero closet space. Major draw back to older homes. We’re looking to add storage space in as many renovation plans as possible, starting here.

4. Utility Sink – Since we’re hoping for this space to act as a mudroom as well as laundry room, a large sink is a must. Our existing kitchen sink is plenty big enough to handle most things, but cleaning paint brushes in my beautiful sink lately just makes my skin crawl. Plus, having a sink adjacent the laundry area is super convenient for any by-hand washing.

5. Mudroom Built-in Seating/Storage Combo – We haven’t settled on an exact design just yet, but we’ll be DIYing a floor to ceiling bench/ coat/ shoe storage. You know we’ll share the deets when we get to that point.

We’ve actually already begun with some of the major changes and can’t wait to share the progress! Then onto aesthetic plans, possibly a mood board 🙂


7 thoughts on “Laundry & Mudroom Plans

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  2. Petra

    Much better layout! Will there be any problem venting the dryer onto the back patio? I was thinking that was maybe why they put it on the left wall in the plan.

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Thanks Petra,
      Yes, we’ll have details coming soon on how we plan to move the dryer to the back wall. Check back soon 🙂

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