August 28, 2012

DIY Colorful Yarn Wrapped Vases

Yesterday I shared a DIY painted mason jar tutorial, and some of you may have spotted another DIY project I tackled, yet another Pinterest sensation. When I saw a few glass vases on clearance at Target for just 96 cents, I knew just what I was going to do with them. Insert, DIY yarn wrapped vases. Another super simple project that only cost us a few bucks. Warning, this one is a little more time consuming than yesterday, but totally worth the result!

I brought home a few different yarn options, but all of them transitioned between colors throughout the roll. You could buy separate colors and customize it furthermore, but I liked the easier option.

I was so happy with the results of the clearance vases that I broke a few vases that we had on hand already and went at it. Love these colors.

I would love to use this yarn combo on something for the girls’ room. Adorable.

I filled the smaller vases with some cheap-o flowers I picked up while at Ikea. Can’t wait to use flowers from our yard come spring time next year.

Side note: snagged that wooden owl napkin holder at a thrift store for $2! Love him 🙂

Now… what else can I wrap in yarn around the house?? Ha.

Anyone else given this Pinterest find a try? 


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