August 22, 2012

Lizzy’s Never Before Seen Nursery

As much as I’d love to give Lizzy here very own, newly designed nursery, it just isn’t doable. Money isn’t falling from the sky just yet and time is a rare thing around here. Not that her hand-me-down nursery is anything to complain about. Everything is still brand new and I’m just as in love with the design as I was when those gorgeous fabric swatches arrived in the mail while waiting for Zoey’s arrival. But come on, when it comes to decorating, nurseries have to be at the top of the fun list.

So, if you’re new around here, all of the pieces you’ll see have come straight from Lizzy’s big sister, Zoey’s previous nursery. And if you’re looking for any details regarding where got a certain item, just check out this post 🙂

Another big reason we opted not to give Lizzy an entirely new design is because we plan to have the girls share a room eventually. That is when Liz starts sleeping through the night… still waiting, patiently.

Love these curtains. Must. Add. Blackout…. NEED. SLEEP.

Although we plan to keep the design of the room the same, we still have some small changes in mind. The closets in both girls’ rooms are in desperate need of some reworking to better utilize the space. We’re also hoping to replace the rocking chair. We got a great deal on it, and although we still like the nice lines of the piece, sometimes you get what you pay for. The thing actually rocks Lizzy awake, rather than to sleep. It has the loudest, most annoying creaking noise and the cushions are completely covered in milk stains. Rocking chair without removable slipcover? Fail. Totally impossible to clean.

I picked up one of these cute alphabet needlepoint pillows for each of the girls. Love the homemade feel and contrasting colors.

The “e” still catches me off guard sometimes.. I can’t see Lizzy being called anything but.

 I also snagged a few of these faux sheepskin rugs on my last Ikea run, to use throughout the house. The girls adore them. The first day I brought them home I kept catching Zoey just laying in the middle of the floor. Seriously, the softest rug underfoot. Can’t beat $10.

So, as for future plans in this room, we’re thinking new closet layout, new rocking chair (thrifted? refinished?), still need some artwork, maybe a DIY mobile, and possibly a ceiling light (something girly!).

Honestly, I’m just really happy to finally have a space for Lizzy to call her own 🙂


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