August 23, 2012

Zoey’s Never Before Seen Bedroom

Of all the rooms in our home, this one is probably the farthest from completion. Not in the way that it will take the longest to complete, just that we’ve made very, very, very few changes so far. And we have BIG plans for this room. We moved Zoey out of her crib about a week ago (to pass onto Lizzy) and she’s successfully made the transition into a “big girl bed”. Honestly, I held off on doing this longer than I wanted, because I imagined it to be more of a process. Not the case. In fact, the move from crib to twin bed may still be unknown to Z. She didn’t seem to notice. What happened to my baby 🙁

With the crib and dresser out, we have some serious furniture replacement to do here. We’ve already purchased the bed, a small chest of drawers to act as a night stand, and oh wait, that’s it. The bed frame is pictured below, West Elm’s narrow-leg wood bed frame.

We love it’s simple white lines, which are surprisingly hard to find in a twin without a headboard. Why without a headboard you ask? Well, we plan to DIY an upholstered headboard for both beds. Yes, both, as in two. As we’ve mentioned before, the girls will eventually share this room, and although it is solely Zoey’s for now, we’re making the space function for two as we go. That way when it is time for Lizzy to join her, it won’t be a huge process of us buying doubles and building furniture. Plus, who knows if the same products will be available by then.

Zoey won’t be two for a few months still, meaning that she’s pretty tiny and we still fear that she may roll off the edge of the bed tossing and turning in the night. We searched endlessly for a good-looking, solid wood bedrail, with no success. Pottery barn actually sells a similar version to the one above, but we just couldn’t swallow the $100 price tag. Instead, Ricky picked up a few 1×3’s from Lowes and got to building and I topped it off with a little primer and paint. Easiest project ever.

Outside of furniture, we settled on a few of the bedding options, mostly just the basics. We splurged a little on West Elm’s Pinktuck Duvet Cover and saved with Target’s Circo Yellow Stripe Sheet Set. I’m hoping to share a mood board by tomorrow that will explain further, as far as the direction of our design. Everything stems from one adorable fabric that I can not wait to share with you guys!

The second piece of furniture that we’ve picked up is Ikea’s Koppang 3-drawer chest, which we somehow missed taking a picture of. No biggie though, we have some really fun Ikea “hacking” to get into with it so we’ll have plenty of sharing to come!

The DIY Play Kitchen has found it’s home here for now, but it may be moving into the playroom in the future.

Across from the bed is a disaster of a space.

It may not look all that terrible, but it’s driving me crazy. Mostly because I know exactly what I’d like to do with it, and not a second to spare. Apologies if I’m being a bit short with the details, but it’ll be more fun to present them all at once, promise 🙂

Here’s to hoping I can get those to you by tomorrow!


11 thoughts on “Zoey’s Never Before Seen Bedroom

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      We don’t have specifics picked out yet, but we’re planning on a simple crown. Nothing ornate, maybe 4-5 inches?

  1. Jenna Pitt

    Well the bones of the room are beautiful, you just have all the fun stuff left! That was really smart to build that bed rail too… I might have to do something similar when our son moves to a twin!

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Thanks Jenna!
      It really was the easiest project we’ve tackled in a while! Plus, I think it helps Zoey feel like she’s in her crib still. Great for the transition!

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