September 6, 2012

6 Steps to Boost Your Curb Appeal

The front porch related updates we’ve been promising are finally here! We’ve been working away at a few small changes within our teeny entryway this week, and what a dramatic difference they’ve made. Before we get into the good stuff, you know I like to go look back first. Drab, colorless, one hideous storm door, and dated fixtures are a few things that come to mind, but only a picture can truly do it justice.

Our front porch just days after moving in, six short months ago:


Fast forward a few months and we are coming home to this cheerful entryway!

This area is such an important area to any home. Aside from seeing a home’s entire exterior upon arrival, this area is the first impression. I like our outdoor spaces to reflect what is to come on the interior. So naturally, we brought in some serious color. A bright yellow front door, and pops of colorful flowers. We DIYed the vertical wall planter above, and we’ll be sharing a detailed tutorial tomorrow for those looking to create their own! It’s by far my favorite update we’ve tackled outdoors so far.

We’re still playing around with what direction we’d like to go for lighting. After replacing the garage sconces we’re really anxious to bring in something with a little more glam for the porch ceiling light. I’ve seen a few of these beauties floating around, pretty sure we don’t have the head clearance though. Boo.

We also made a few minor updates in the accessories department. An adorable vinyl “hello” decal on the door, a ORB spray painted wind chime, a fresh doormat, and a new flower planter (scored in Target’s clearance!).

So, if your front entryway has you overwhelmed and you aren’t quite sure where to begin, here are six simple steps to get you started.

1. Lighting – Never underestimate the power of a functioning, updated light fixture. We lived with a broken overhead light for the first few months in our house and had no idea what we were missing out on! We can see now, ha. Trust us, this is update worth putting the time into.

2. Wall Decor – We had a fairly large blank brick wall on our front porch. As I touched on earlier, I like to think of the exterior spaces at our home just as the interior. So, if there’s a giant blank wall outside that you would accessorize if it were inside, get on it! These are great spaces for a DIY project. Be creative!

3. Paint Your Door A Fresh New Color – People live with the same door color for decades. If you love it, great. But if not, what are we doing people? Paint is such an EASY and quick fix. We primed and gave three coats to our door in just one weekend. Most of the effort is in the drying time. And remember, it’s just paint. If you end up hating the color, paint over it, even if that means going back to your old fav.

4. Accessorize – Here’s where I have the most fun. Our front porch is such a tiny area, so our possibilities were a little restrained. I can’t express how terribly I wanted to work in some type of seating just so I could add a throw pillow. Seriously, maybe I’ll just toss one on the ground and call it a day. If you have room for a chair or a bench, you guys better be living it up for me. Someday..

5. Plants/ Flowers – This may seem like a given, but we lived without any greenery for six months before the bug finally got to us. Pops of colorful flowers can bring so much life to home’s exterior! I really hope our neighbors read this. Please. Plant. Something. Colorful.

6. Sound – I actually consider this a bit of bonus if you can work it in somewhere, but sound can completely transform the mood. We went with a wind chime, but a water feature or some other relaxing element would work just as well.

Our front porch/ entryway is nowhere near completion. In fact, someday we hope to extend the porch further down and rework the roof line. However, for the next few years this is what we’ll be working with. Might as well make the best our of what we have! Hope these quick tips have motivated you all to spruce up your own spaces!

 Check back tomorrow for a tutorial on the DIY vertical wall planter!


3 thoughts on “6 Steps to Boost Your Curb Appeal

  1. Felechia

    Wow. Great transformation. We moved about a month ago and maybe this weekend will be dedicated to the entry. There’s room for a bench. And there will be throw pillows I promise you 🙂

  2. Momma

    What a beautiful transformation 🙂 love the pansies in the pots with that yellow door! I need your help with our front door. This looks awesome


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