September 12, 2012

DIY Ombre Mobile

We shared Lizzy’s nursery progress a few weeks ago and we’ve been slowly checking things off the to-do list ever since. Like switching out the seen-better-days rocker for a more practical bentwood rattan chair, perfect for a good story-time. This week I decided to tackle the mobile. Zoey didn’t have a mobile in her nursery and originally I didn’t have intensions of having one for Lizzy either. Until I saw the giant gaping hole of emptiness that is the corner above her crib. I’m hoping to do some kind of art or photos on the larger wall, but I’m thinking even with artwork it’ll still be looking a bit bare. Our new DIY ombre mobile will do just the trick.

I ran across this seller’s mobiles on Etsy a while ago (looks like she isn’t selling them anymore), and have been itching to give it a try. I started with a few basic supplies (all found at Michaels): a pack of wooden dowels, two large circle hole punches, a pack of jump rings (found in the jewelry dept.), a 1/8 inch hole punch, yarn (not pictured) and paper in various colors.

First step, combining two wooden dowel rods with yard to make the top of the mobile. I used a simple crisscross pattern and the rods are secure.

After punching out circles in your color choice, you then use the 1/8 inch punch and the jump rings to make a chain link. Pretty easy stuff. As for attaching the links to the wooden dowels, I just used a little extra pressure and the wood was soft enough to hold.

Easiest. Tutorial. Ever.

Now I just have to master getting Lizzy to shut her eyes while in her crib and stop staring at the mobile.


12 thoughts on “DIY Ombre Mobile

  1. Rose J.

    Instead of buying different colored paper, why not go to a home improvement store & get paint sample papers? Free & already gradient shades!

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  4. Amber

    I know this is an old post but I just made my mobile and I was just curious out you attached it to the ceiling 🙂

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