September 25, 2012

Neutral Rug Hunting

I love rugs. I can easily spend hours browsing online, even if I don’t have intentions of buying. Yesterday, I got an email from advertising their 50% sale. I forced myself to delete it before opening it because I knew we don’t currently need a rug. It’s a serious problem people.

When designing a room, the rug is almost always one of the first five purchases that I make. I usually lean towards rugs that make more of a statement (like this one in the kitchen and this one in the living room) than those that are neutral, which is why I like to make this decision early on. When I first started compiling ideas for Zoey’s big girl room, I started with a fun, colorful fabric that I wanted to steal the show. This means, while there will be plenty of other pops of color throughout the room, they’ll be small. A rug is not small. See where I’m going with this? And so the hunt for a neutral rug began.

The room could easily hold an 8′ x 10′ rug, but with the future layout we decided on something smaller. We’ll eventually be positioning the girls’ beds side by side with a small chest between them. And while the rug could slide underneath the beds, we were just fine with a size that would only fill the space between the beds… And to be honest, a lot happier with the price tag.

We first landed on this rug, which I still love.

However, about a week after ordering it I received a call that it was on backorder… until December. I didn’t love it that much. Luckily, the very same day I was flipping through the sales at One Kings Lane and spied this guy.

Same basic idea. Geometric and neutral grays and whites. So, I ordered him up, he’s finally here, and we looove him 🙂

I’ll admit, the smaller size looks a bit off. But we’re pretty confident that once we have another bed along the other side, it’ll be looking much better. We hope. As for the color and pattern, we couldn’t be happier. I love that the pattern is still a bit playful, but it doesn’t steal any of the attention from the fabric. We can’t wait to DIY a headboard in a bright fabric to further compliment the pillow fabric. It should help things come together a bit more.

(this next picture is the best representation of color)

On a side note, I whipped up some quick artwork by filling a 3-pack of laquer frames (scored at Target on clearance for $4). Still not sure where exactly they’ll be going, but I’m loving how the colors tie into the fabric.

This room is moving along fairly slowly, which is to be expected. We’ve shifted our focus temporarily to main living areas in the house, and we’re only using our ‘extra’ time to work in here. Which kills me… Zoey had such a wonderful nursery that was filled with love, and I only wish for her to have a similar space for her toddler years. Soon enough.

A functioning space that we spend 75% of our time in is more of a priority than a space that she really only sleeps in. But we’re hoping to change that and draw her in with the new design 🙂


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