October 25, 2012

Painting a Table Runner (tutorial?)

Funny story. May of 2011 I wrote about someday sewing a burlap runner for our dining room table. At our last house. Which, for the record, I actually followed through with. I just forgot to share it with you. Failure number one.

Fast forward to October 2012, I got the itch to paint it. Sounds weird, I know. Stay with me. I told myself “Hey self, don’t worry about before pics, you can just grab one from an old post”. This is obviously before the realization that a post was never written. Failure number two.

Then I got caught up in the moment, trying to slip in some paint time while the bambinos were napping. No progress pics. Fail number two.

So, without further ado, here is our newly painted burlap runner, with no before pics OR progress pics. Yes, I thought about not sharing it, due to the fact that there isn’t a whole lot to actually share, but then I would have a very pretty runner in my house without a single well deserved post. Couldn’t have that.

Try not to judge my outstanding sewing skills. This was the first thing I’d ever sewn. Ever. But it works out nicely since burlap is more of a rustic, not so perfect to begin with fabric to work with. The initial reason that I decided to make this runner myself, was the table size. Since my dad built it for us, we chose a custom size that just happens to be huge. Eight foot long to be exact.

It poses quite the problem when say, trying to maneuver it into any normal sized dining room or, in this case, finding a runner long enough. So I made one. And it was great. And then it was boring. And I wasn’t about to whip out the sewing machine again. It’s just not an expertise that I have. Instead, like pretty much everything these days (maybe it’s a phase?), I brought out the paint.

I decided to go for a classic stripe, since the color was to be the star. A little measuring, a few strips of frog tape, a foam brush and I was ready to go. Make sure you also put something beneath the runner to catch any paint that makes it’s way through the fabric, until dry. Unless you want to buy a new table. I picked up a $3 sample of Behr’s Bold Avocado from Home Depot and quickly threw as much paint as possible down before the munchkins awoke, brining me back to mommy mode.

The dining room really needed a pop of color, and since we’re doing a few updates in the room anyway, it was the perfect time to bring in a little life. I like how the bright green picks up on the green accents in the kitchen and the green file cabinet in the office. Things are finally coming together!

PS – I’ve been working on adding a few new things to the homepage, one of them being a new “DIY Projects” page. Check out the new look here or go straight to the page here!



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