October 11, 2012

Privacy Please

Notice anything?

Yep, we finally broke down and decided to spare our neighbors the daily dance parties going on in our living room… with newly added window treatments. They always make such a difference in any room. Something “homey” about have curtains. Also, the privacy is a plus. Now I don’t have to wear pants. I’ve been waiting so long.

I kid, I kid.

And on a serious note, the window panels really don’t do much for privacy. We hung them so they just graze the the sides of the window, in hopes of making the window feel larger. Which isn’t necessary, because it’s already giant for the room size.

We’ve toyed with the idea of some kind of shade or blind in addition to the curtains. But being that this won’t be our permanent living room (the addition will house a second space), we’re thinking the extra privacy won’t be such a big deal when we’re spending less time in here.

As much as I’m obsessing over this room being finished right now, I’m also dying to get that giant sectional out of the middle of the room. It’s such a cramped area behind it and into the entryway. Plus my office is hanging out back there. It’s way too much function for one space. But for now, it’s our only option. Spring time couldn’t come soon enough. We can’t wait to get this addition project rolling.

These pictures really don’t do the window panel colors justice. Somehow the light gray in the pattern managed to match the dresser and the dark gray matches the sectional. To a tee. It’s good.

The window treatments are the Tali Printed Panels from West Elm by the way. I really wanted to DIY some with my own fabric, but after DIYing the pallet wall, the media console, and the custom art, I was ready for something easy. Which didn’t exactly happen because I ended up having to hem them anyways. But for the record, I used no sew Heat n Bond.


15 thoughts on “Privacy Please

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Thanks Linzi,
      We purchased the light fixture from Lowes, assuming you meant the ceiling light? It can be found here.
      Hope this helps!

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Thanks! We love the ceiling light. Just a heads up, the shade isn’t a bright white and it has more of a texture to it, especially when turned on. We purchased it from Lowes, here. It gives a decent amount of light, but we usually end up with the recessed lighting on if we need more.

  1. Stephanie

    I LOVE the new curtains! I am totally going to buy some asap! But I do have a question….Where did you purchase your curtain rod? I have a set of 3 large windows in my LR that NEED one curtain rod! Any ideas would be appreciated!


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