October 30, 2012

Someday Has Arrived

Β Last time we checked in on the dining room, we talked about how the two upper cabinets we’d installed weren’t turning into quite the vision we’d had in mind. And since we try to keep things as honest as possible on here, we went ahead with sharing them anyway, while touching on our future plans. While the dining cabinets did tie nicely into the very same cabinets in the kitchen, they turned out a little bulkier than we were hoping for. We thought the open glass fronts on the upper cabinet doors surrounding the range would provide enough open/airy space for the whole room, but not so much. It turns out that adding upper cabinets to the dining room as well, just made the entire space feel like a wall of cabinets. Which makes sense. Since it was.

So we bit the bullet and ripped them back down, in hopes of someday soon adding open shelving in their place. Well, someday has arrived and the open shelves are installed (and even somewhat styled because I’m crazy like that!)

But lets back up a bit. Here’s where we left off:

Removing the cabinets was just the beginning of it, followed by a whole mess of drywall work. We’d gotten lazy behind them and figured “Hey, what the heck? Why make the walls perfect behind cabinetry?” Yea, the joke was on us as they came back down. A few days of that dusty mess and I got busy with the paint brush. And then the real fun began. Crown molding.

Β I’ll let you in on a little secret. This is not Ricky’s favorite thing to do. Even better, we’d asked my dad to stop by after work one evening to lend a hand and lets just say.. It’s not on his top five either. My dad is by far the most laid-back, kindhearted, cannottellmeno kinda man out there. Throw in some crown molding and I heard my fair share of f-bombs from the two of them together. I think they had a good time πŸ˜‰

Bonus – the crown looks fantastic. Possibly more pics in a future post to come!

(Trying to include a few wider shots within posts for those of you asking to get a better feel of how the rooms connect. Hope the one above helps a bit!)

We ended up using 23″ shelves from The Container Store at $25 each (during their recent 20% sale). Honestly, this was still more than we were hoping to spend. Prior to using them, we’d actually picked up one of Ikea’s 78″ Lack shelves and tried cutting it down to size. It may have been do-able with the smaller version, but we’d bought the larger size in hopes of getting two shelves out of each one. Bottom line, the support brackets just did not work with the specific size we were going for. Looking back, I wish we’d just bought the wood ourselves and custom built each one. But at the time, we were over it and just wanted this space to be done. Time is money.

Snagged that adorable (in my weird mind at least) rams head from Nate’s collection at Target. Have you guys seen this line? I’ll take one of each please. We showed up hunting the store the day Nate hit the shelves, and I’m beyond surprised I walked out with just one item in hand.

For now, we’re using most of the shelving space to store decorative things. But as time passes and our serving pieces grow, we’re thinking they’ll eventually consume most of them. As for future plans in this space, we’re currently working on a DIY art piece. And a large one at that. Can’t wait to share this! It should definitely make the space feel a little more finished, and a lot less like weird shelves on the sides and a blank slate in the middle.

And of course, the built in banquette seat is still in the cards. Just a matter of finding a solid day to knock it out. Which won’t be anytime soon with the little bean’s 2nd birthday quickly approaching. Another birthday I do not want to talk about πŸ™ What is happening to my babies?!

Moving on. We haven’t tackled the exposed brick wall to the left of the dining room. Nor do we have plans to do so anytime soon. It kinda feels good to say that. The only reason being, is that it’s part of the addition project this coming spring/summer. But eventually it will be all capped off, pretty moldings included. Just not now.

Anyone else experimenting with open shelves? Installed something major only to learn that it is oh-so-wrong? Hoping we’re not the only ones out there having some design hiccups.



28 thoughts on “Someday Has Arrived

  1. Mary

    I am a new reader – and very happily agree that the open shelf look was the way to go! It really makes the dining room more open. I refinished my kitchen last year and used open shelves. I love them so much that I don’t see myself ever not having them in a future kitchen.

    I love the refinish! (PS – I’m also loving the countertops in your kitchen!)

  2. Cathy

    The open shelving looks fantastic! I too bought the Nate Berkus ram’s head – love it. Mine has “Nate Berkus” enscribed right on the front of the ram’s head, which I didn’t love. I don’t see it on yours….. is it just the picture angle or did you do something to disguise it? Thanks.

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Thanks Cathy!
      Our ram head doesn’t actually have the “Nate Berkus” on the front at all. I didn’t even notice until you mentioned it, but his name is super tiny on the back of the neck area. So weird. I wonder if yours was a misprint. It seems odd for them to put it on the front?

  3. Vicky

    The shelves look so much better than the cabinets! Can’t wait to see your DIY artwork on that wall. BTW, who is the laid-back man you are referring to? ha

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Haha, well at least when I’m around.. and we’re not going through a fast food drive-thru πŸ˜‰

  4. Jennifer

    I just subscribed your blog a few weeks ago and I have to say I look forward to my email every time I see you have a new post! I just adore your style. The open shelving looks great. I’ve pondered about it a few times for our kitchen but then realize I wouldn’ have doors to cover my unorganized cabinets. Gasp!

  5. Meagan S

    I definitely think the shelves were the way to go. They look great! Also the wide angle shot does help make sense of the space. Can’t wait to see the artwork!

  6. Hanah

    Found you through YHL and LOVE your blog and home! Your style is AH-Ma-zing! Where did you purchase the dining chairs? I am in love!

  7. Emily

    Another “house crasher” from YHL. I love your style and especially love this update! You’re giving me some great inspiration!!

  8. Jenise

    Hi! I’ve come across your blog before and love your style! I’m also a YHL reader. I was wondering how you made your wide crown molding meet the thinner molding above your kitchen cabinets. We also replaced our kitchen cabinets with ikea cabinets a little over a year ago, but we’re just now getting around to finishing off the molding. We had existing crown that looks like about the same size as yours and we also used the same molding above the cabinets. Also, how did you get your cabinets/molding to go all the way to the ceiling?! Our ceiling is so un-level there’s probably 3/4 of an inch difference from one side of the cabinets to the other!

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  10. Vicky

    Great job Jessie! I’m trying to do something similar but I can’t seem to find the right size shelve that I need for my wall.. How wide are yours? Cheers!


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