October 29, 2012

The Beginnings of a Closet Makeover

Zoey and Lizzy’s closets are equally disastrous. But since Lizzy’s room is nearly finished, we decided to give Zoey’s closet a little facelift first. As much as Zoey loves her bugs, trucks, cars, and weird boy stuff with her Daddy, she’s just as passionate about brushing her hair, wearing necklaces, and putting on chapstick with Momma. So, I thought it be nice for her to have a little dedicated area in her room where she can get her girl on. And this is where her closet comes into play. Last time we shared this space, it was a mess. Storage boxes, books, pack n’ play, and crib rail. Check, check, and check. Function? Not-ah.

We chalked that entire area up to the perfect place to throw random things, and decided to make a change. Insert, Zoey’s mini dressing area!

We picked up a new laundry hamper for her dirty clothes, a “floor” mirror from Homegoods (just her size!), an acrylic shelf to display her favorite things, and an acrylic peg holder for her necklaces!

She went two straight weeks where she would not leave the house without her “jewelry”.

On her shelf you can find a sweet inspirational quote in a frame (found on clearance at Target, 3 for $4) a tiny letter “Z” (50 cents at Michaels) and a sand art moon she made at the Woolfest earlier this fall. Oh, and that lei is actually from my parents honeymoon in Hawaii. Aw, so cute! Ha.

We definitely have more plans for the closet space in the near future, but it’s all a work in progress. We’re hoping to paint it a fun color, maybe a stencil, new shelving systems, and who knows what else. We’ll keep you updated as we go! For now, we’re enjoying some quality girl time together 🙂

PS – anyone looking for a similar acrylic shelf or necklace peg holder, they can be found at The Container Store.


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  1. Chris

    Love it! I have a couple of girls who won’t leave the house without their accessories too…would love to try some of these ideas for them!

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