November 21, 2012

Box It Up

A few weeks ago we shared Zoey’s ombre-painted dresser and a few of you noticed the floral box displayed on top of it. So here I am to continue with Catch-up this week and show you what went down. I caught a glimpse of Centsational Girl’s paper box makeover and just had to try my hand at it, but this time with fabric! I used some leftover fabric from Zoey’s pillow cases that I had on hand.

Such a quick, inexpensive update to a once bland and boring box! Make sure you chose a box with a lid that doesn’t fit too snug, otherwise the fabric will make it difficult to open and close. I also added some washi-tape around the interior, where the fabric ends are a bit frayed. Should have included a picture of that! It’s basically just to make things look a little cleaner and keep Zoey from picking at the frays. And in case anyone is wondering, I used Mod Podge for all of the gluing. I love the idea of doing this to unused boxes you already have on hand, but if not you can pick a cardboard one up for a couple bucks at Michaels like us! Can’t wait to do more of these 🙂


6 thoughts on “Box It Up

  1. stefsays

    Love the fabric! I used a leftover burlap coffee bean sack and covered some diaper boxes for my entry way to hide shoes and winter accessories and I get so many compliments on them! No one has any idea that it was a cheap, easy, DIY project! I love the idea of adding cute storage for kids rooms, and modge podge would be super durable. Nice choice. 🙂

  2. Cathy

    You have the best easy, but super informative, tips/tutorials. I really appreciate it. I just love your style.
    BTW – I had emailed you a couple weeks ago about the “Nate Berkus” being imprinted on the front of my ram’s head ….. after I read your reply (thank you), I realized I had my ram’s head upside down! Doh!

  3. Kim A

    Shoe boxes would probably work really well for this. Most lids are loose. Might have to try it this weekend. Thanks for the how to.

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  5. Patti

    Just used your tutorial to make a birthday box for our preschool class!!! It turned out awesome!!! Would love to post a picture but not sure how. I used mod podge fabric glue.
    Thanks for the great post!


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