November 19, 2012

Catch-up… not the dipping kind.

It’s catch-up week. Sometimes when you’re in the midst of home renovations things take foreverrrr. And sometimes you knock out 15 projects in the matter of three days (aka.. when John & Sherry are coming to crash you house in t-minus three days and you have 15 half finished projects floating around). Crunch time.

So throughout the rest of this week we’ll be sharing all the little projects we’ve been wrapping up around these parts. I don’t know why I just went all country on you. It happens.

We’d been looking to fill the space above Lizzy’s crib ever since we revealed her room. She really won’t be in this room a whole lot longer so we didn’t want to go crazy or spend a lot of money. In her older sister Zoey’s nursery, we had shelves above the crib. The girls are super close in age, just 16 months, and we’d decided to go the hand-me-down route as far as the room’s design went. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s almost a carbon copy. We still really loved the design, since it was just over a year old, and didn’t find much need to switch things up. So when we finally found some time to add something above Lizzy’s crib we figured why not do the shelves again? Quick, inexpensive, and we can re-use the shelves elsewhere once she moves into her big girl room with Zoey.

(Ignore where to paint stops at the ceiling. Crown molding soon enough)

We also had to remove the crib bumper since Lizzy is officially on the move now. Without smothering you with details about my children, let me just say that her alternative to crawling is the most adorable thing ever. It looks like she’s doing the butterfly stroke. Except on land.

Zoey had a framed ‘Z’ in her nursery, so we only found it fitting to have an ‘E’ for Liz (Elizabeth). I won’t go into a full on tutorial for this, because it’s so incredibly simple. I just used a sheet of cardstock paper, cut it down to fit the frame size, traced the letter onto it, cut away the letter with an x-acto knife, and attached fabric to a piece of cardboard behind. You could also do this with scrap booking paper, wrapping paper, etc. Easy personalization.

Beside the framed letter we added a crochet elephant I bought on Etsy a while back and a set of adorable rainbow stackers. They’re sold unfinished, which I prefer because then you can customize the colors to fit the room. I would love to try these out for a boys room in ‘manly’ rainbow colors!

We bought the ‘Love’ print a few years ago from MadebyGirl and the actual picture ledges are from Ikea.

I’m thinking the shelves could still use an extra piece or two. Something small. I’m really liking how the bright pink/coral in the rainbow picks up on the ombre mobile we DIY’ed. The room is starting to feel a little more collected 🙂


4 thoughts on “Catch-up… not the dipping kind.

  1. Shelby K.

    Some fabric stackable rings would be so fun on the shelves. Love the initial print…such a fun and simple idea. Doing this for all 3 of my littles.

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  3. Jenise

    Such a cute room! What did you use to paint the rainbow stackers? The task of finding kid-safe paint seems a little daunting?


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