November 20, 2012

Mood Board: Michelle’s Living Room

I’ve been offering mood boards, upon request only, for the past few months and it’s about time that I start advertising right here on the blog! You guys have no idea how excited I am about this.. and completely scared out of my mind. Designing for your own home is all good and fun, but throw in some complete strangers and things get a little daunting. To say the least. But, no one got anywhere cramped inside their comfort zone (that’s my new life quote..nerd, I know). So I’m stepping out!

Check out more Mood Board details right here!

However, that is not the point of this post. Instead, I’m here to share one my recent designs for a reader needing a little help with her living room 🙂 Here’s what she had to say:

“Hi Jessica hope you had a good weekend , this is the room I want to update . I just added the Instagram frames . We have tv’s in both rooms and tons of toys !!!! Even though we have a play room toys seem to end up every where!!! I am sending both living and family room bc I can mix match all pieces . But I want to change the chair and I bought a new rug for the room that’s navy and beige I’ll attach in another email . I want to update this room to navy , yellow and gray biggest problem is we can’t paint room gray bc we rent but soon will own house that we can paint any color but prob gray . Couches are beige . We have a great wood coffee table but bc we have a 2 yr old we don’t put it out so any ideas for a coffee table would be great . I will send a few more emails . Thanks again!!”

And here’s what I came up with!

Wall Color: Ben Moore’s Rockport Gray – It’s more of a warm gray with a hint of brown, which should work better with a beige sofa and the navy hues throughout the room.
1. Window Panels – These could be used to flank the sides of Michelle’s glass french doors, but they would work on her future home’s windows as well. The burst of yellow will look great against the gray walls.
2. Floor Lamp – This drum shade floor lamp will pair nicely with the table lamps that she already owns.
3. Ceiling Light – Another drum shade feature with ORB detail to pick up on the rich brown throughout the room.
4. Velvet Navy Arm Chair – Adding some major texture to the room with the velvet finish and the navy is nice to break up all of the beige furniture going on.
5. Ikat Lumbar Pillow – I included several pillows throughout the mood board. With so much seating, there’s plenty of room for the majority of them. I mixed up the patterns and colors so it appears a bit more collected and less like everything was bought at once.
6. Hive Vases – With gray walls accessories are a great way to bring in pops of color.
7. Sunburst Mirror – A good contender for a DIY project. With so much large wall space I tried to include a few wall pieces in addition to Michelle’s instagram frames.
8. Wood Pallet Wall Clock – Possibly another DIY project. A few pieces of pallet wood, a little paint, and a clock kit. All of the rustic wood accents will really help warm up the space, especially in her current rental home where she can’t paint.
9. Sofa Table – Not only a perfect disguise for the back of the loveseat sofa, but fill it with baskets for extra storage!
10. Storage baskets – These fit perfectly into the lower portion of the sofa table. Great to conceal toys and clutter!
11. Navy Herringbone Rug – Michelle already owns one of these rugs, but I mentioned that if one feels a bit two small you could easily put two next to one another for a larger size.
12. Beige Tufted Sofa – Michelle already owns a similar sofa which works great in the space!
13. Greek Key Navy Pillow – Modern print and more navy. If you’re having trouble pairing pillows try similar colors and different patterns. Mixing a small pattern with a large pattern works best!
14. Ikat Yellow Pillow – This large scale ikat works well with the smaller navy greek key.
15. Navy Pebble Pillow – Texture galore!
16. Large Storage Baskets – A storage savior. Placing these throughout the entire house will help conceal anything from throw blankets to kid’s toys to firewood. Sometimes we’ll even put clutter in them and throw a blanket on top to conceal. Busted 😉
17. Beige Loveseat – Similar to one already owned.
18. Navy & Yellow Throw Blanket – Blankets are great for layering under pillows for extra texture.
19. Gray Sweater Knit Pillow – Super cozy!
23. Leather Storage Ottoman – Gentle enough for kids, the top opens for extra storage and flips over to a wood surface (built in coffee table), and the round shape will work great with the room’s layout.
24. Wood Serving Tray – These are great for any coffee table, but especially for ottomans. You can use it to hold anything a wood coffee table would’ve and it helps to corral miscellaneous things like coasters, tv remotes, etc. Possibly another DIY project?
Interested in a Mood Board for your own space? Check out more details here and shoot me an email! Lets chat 🙂

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