November 26, 2012

Paint Problems.

As in.. I have a paint problem. Not problems painting.

Also. I am addicted to Craiglist. You knew that.

Moving along with Catch-up. We already shared the new picture ledges and the fabric-covered box and now we’re back with some master bedroom updates. Wait. We have a master bedroom? Yes, we do in fact have a place to sleep.. You’ve just never seen it. Because it’s terrible. And also temporary. I’ve mentioned it a million times before and I’ll say it again for those of you just tuning in – We’re planning an addition onto the back of the house this coming spring/summer that will include a larger living room as well as a master bedroom/bathroom suite. So, this room that I’m about to share is really just our home’s third bedroom that we’re camping out in for a year or so.

After we move into our new room this will become the guest bedroom. We’re going to keep the furniture that’s in here now for the guest room and get new (probably craigslist and DIY) for our future bedroom. Point of my rambling? Everything you’re about to see is staying in this room and will act as guest furniture. Bam.

It’s kind of a mess. And in case you missed it, which is impossible especially in the space… it. is. teeny. Like only half of our bedroom furniture fits in the room teeny. The dresser and bed came from our previous home.

We’re hoping to Craigslist everything eventually and replace it all with pieces that better fit in the room. Maybe a DIY fabric headboard in our near future. But what I’m here to share today are the end tables.

We sold our previous end tables that were entirely too small for the bed and bought new ones on… guess… Craigslist. They looked like this.

It’s hard to tell in photograph, but they were actually pretty beaten up on the top. However, the tables themselves have gorgeous lines! If they’d been in better shape I totally would have embraced the wood finish. It was really pretty in person. The legs even somewhat resemble our media console makeover.

But now they look like this 🙂

Here’s their life story.. well, since they met me. Wahaha.

I started by removing any hardware and giving them a good sand. A fine grit should get the job done. Just enough to get rid of the shine.

This time around I decided to leave the insides of the drawers unpainted, so I covered them with tape and garbage bags. Working with what you’ve got at it’s finest.

A few thin coats of Zinsser’s Spray Primer. Keep those arms moving people. If you get drips, which I’ll admit still happens to me every once in a while, just let it dry and sand it back down. Don’t flip out, you can’t mess anything up beyond repair.

Now get busy. Painting time. We chose Ben Moore’s Pleasant Grove matched in a quart of Sherwin William’s Pro-Classic Semi-gloss. You can’t go wrong with this stuff. Built-in self levelers = brush stroke free.

 A few coats of Minwax’s Water-based poly later and they were ready for action 🙂

Although it’s a not as much fun bringing them into a room where everything else needs love, it is nice to finally give this room some much needed attention!

Check back later this week for more updates in this room and our plans for the future!

Ps – The green will make more sense once I tap into the rest of the room 🙂


13 thoughts on “Paint Problems.

  1. Cassondra

    That looks fantastic! I have an old table I’d like to paint, but I know my in-laws wouldn’t be happy because it’s wood and they’re suckers for it. I’m going to live with it for now and then maybe sell it and buy something more my taste instead of painting it and being excommunicated from the clan lol.

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  3. Meredith S.

    I love the green color you chose! Question though, which type of Sherwin Williams ProClassic paint do you use? Their website shows they have two kinds. Thanks!

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Not exactly sure what the two kinds are, but if you go into their store and ask specifically for ProClassic to paint furniture they’ll hook you up with the right stuff! Hope that helps!


  4. Shannon A

    Super cute and pretty night stands!! Love the green! I just found your blog today via the YHL Home-Crash. It was fun to see a fellow Cincinnati-an on YHL. Loving your blog! ~Shannon 🙂


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