December 19, 2012

Coral Painted Ceiling

We painted Zoey’s ceiling this past weekend and it. is. adorable. When it comes to kid’s rooms I’m usually not a huge fan of color explosions. I like to keep things about half neutral, half subtle colors. However, as Zoey’s room has been slowly coming together, I’ve been thinking that it’s missing something special.

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We’d made plans to DIY a headboard for her bed and I was really hoping to find the perfect coral-colored fabric. Well, turns out that’s easier said than done and during the hunt I completely changed my mind anyway – to gray. Yea, I know, more gray. But, when it comes to large pieces of furniture and other major elements in a room, I like to keep things versatile. Sorry coral, you’re not very versatile. And although making a headboard won’t cost us the big bucks, I’m willing to bet it’s not something I’m going to want to do over and over every time I switch up the color scheme.

So, since we now have gray walls, plans for a gray headboard, white bedding, and white furniture, I began to worry that it’d feel a little blah. Insert coral-painted ceiling! We started by stripping down the room and covering the floors with a drop cloth. Painting ceilings can be extremely messy, especially with a textured ceiling like ours. Protect your belongings!

Coral Painted Ceiling |

(we just moved the bed around as we painted rather than moving it out of the room all together)

And here she is all painted!

Coral Painted Ceiling |

Unlike the rest of the home, the bedrooms have popcorn ceilings. They’re not terrible, but we’d change them if it were in the budget. It’s not. You’ll also notice a pretty fantastic paint job where the ceiling meets the walls. Do you sense my sarcasm? No worries, we have intensions of installing crown molding in all the bedrooms at some point that will cover all of this. Probably sooner rather than later in Zoey and Lizzy’s rooms.

I’m in love with how the ceiling turned out. I really struggled in choosing a paint color, fearing that it would come out too pink, or too dark, or too orange. We finally decided on Benjamin Moore’s Pink Polka Dot. It’s the perfect light coral.

Coral Painted Ceiling |

It’s dark enough to really pack a punch, but not too dark that it weighs the ceiling down and makes the room feel smaller. And despite the color’s name, it’s really not a very traditional pink.

I’m so anxious to get that crown molding up there to really finish things off. Here’s a poor attempt at photoshopping some crown in. Eeek! Love.

Coral Painted Ceiling |

Now, lets seriously do something about that awful ceiling light. Get on it.


17 thoughts on “Coral Painted Ceiling

  1. Tiffany

    Love it! It is pretty, playful and kind of grown-up all at once. Can’t wait to see the molding & sure-to-be-super light fixture.

  2. Ashley Travers

    I love the painted ceiling! I keep seeing a commercial with a dark purple painted ceiling and this reminded me of that. It really makes the room feel cozy. I want to paint a ceiling a fun color in our house now!

  3. Annie Louis

    I think this is a great way of decorating your kid’s room without going over the top with bright colors and cartoon characters. I love the color on the ceiling. It makes the room look very bright and attractive in spite of the gray walls and white curtains. This is truly thinking out of the box.

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