December 18, 2012

Fairy-Inspired Mini Christmas Tree & B-day Talk.

Today is my 24th birthday. That’s crazy to say. So much has happened within the past few years. For example, five years ago I was just graduating high school. Since then I’ve married my best friend, graduated college, got my first big-girl job, moved into and flipped our first home, got my second big-girl job, had my first beautiful baby girl, quit my job to officially become a stay-at-home momma, realized I missed the design world and grew another baby (this blog), had a second beautiful baby girl, and moved into and flipped our second home. Things have been busy. And I’ve loved every. single. minute. Here’s to another predicted year of marvelous chaos 🙂

In other completely unrelated news. We decorated a mini-tree in Zoey’s room. To say she’s into Tinkerbell is an understatement. The kid lives, eats, and breathes fairies. That sounds creepy. You know.

So, I picked up a pack of tiny fairy figurines from Michaels, tied a few strands of sting around them, and had an instant fairy-ornamented tree.

Fairy-Inspired Mini Christmas Tree |

She’s in fairy heaven.

Fairy-Inspired Mini Christmas Tree |


5 thoughts on “Fairy-Inspired Mini Christmas Tree & B-day Talk.

  1. Jenny

    Happy Belated Birthday! I am still totally loving your blog and devouring every post :). We finally moved into our 1955 brick rancher and I am ready to get through the holidays so I can get rolling on my DIY to do list (most projects inspired by you!)


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