December 17, 2012

Mood Board: Heidi’s Open Floor Plan

Back with another mood board today 🙂

This is what Heidi had to say about her open floor plan living, dining, and kitchen space:

The space needs to be kid friendly.  We have a 4 year old and a baby due next month.  If you think we should paint anything (lamps, end tables, tv table, etc.) we are more than willing to do that as well.  Or any ideas on furniture placement is welcome too. I really give you free reign to do what you think would look best.  Add more artwork, change curtains, get new pillows, get rug, etc.  I trust your judgement.  I am leaning towards more classic tones, with pops of color here and there to tie it all together.  I feel like the yellow looks odd now against our tans walls, but I could just be crazy.  ha!  I’m a fan of the chevron (althought we have the chevron curtains in dining room), ikat, trellis, floral, etc.

And here’s what I came up with!

Mood Board: Heidi's Open Floor Plan

The wall color shown is a soft gray, almost beige-like, called Worldly Gray by Sherwin Williams. The problem Heidi was having with her wall color and the yellow accessories is that they’re working against each other. Because the walls had a tint of a soft yellow and the accessories are a bit more of a bold yellow, they were competing with each other rather than complimenting.  I replaced the yellow accents with pops of navy, royal blues, and a seafoam/turquoise. These make for a super relaxing environment and they’ll transition well off of her formal dining room (painted in a turquoise tone).

Before I get into the details of the space, keep in mind that she have a very large, three-room space to fill. And unlike other mood boards, there aren’t any furniture pieces included, which would definitely help balance out all the color in the real space!

1. This gorgeous ikat fabric was the starting point for the entire space and will be the biggest game changer. I suggest using it to make window panels to frame out the living room window, the french doors in the dining room, and possibly a roman shade for the kitchen window.

 2. A beautiful velvet throw pillow in a solid navy.

3. Hand-stamped ultramarine linen pillow cover.

4. & 5. Almost all the artwork I selected is from Etsy, so the pieces are affordable and original. I chose art pieces that can she can mix and match throughout all three rooms. Some are a bit smaller than others and would be perfect for the kitchen and dining room. These two watercolor feather paintings are absolutely gorgeous close up. They have details galore! Four & Five.

6. Seafoam dipped antlers, need I say more? It’d love to see this on a large wall along with a collection of frames for more of a collage effect.

7. & 8. These patterned bowls are super cute and outside of use in the kitchen/ dining room they’d be great on the living room end tables as catch-all bowls. Seven & Eight.

9. Another small storage option for the living room. I love these striped-laquer boxes for containing remotes and other TV accessories. Would be perfect beneath the TV on top of the media console.

10. White and turquoise pillow cover.

11. Round navy pintuck pillow.

12. Turquoise hand quilted velvet pillow.

13. Navy velvet lumbar pillow.

14. Geometric stitch pillow.

15. Gorgeous primrose archival print. The next few pieces are all perfect contenders for a large wall collage.

16. Wooden ampersand in turquoise.

17. The colors are brilliant in this map of the hemispheres poster. A great inexpensive way to bring in interesting art pieces.

18. Love these blue-dipped vases! They could be used as collection or just simply one on it’s own. Great for all three spaces!

19. Pair this seafoam pattern print with the primrose print or use it along with the other collage items.

20. Aside from the window treatments, this large geometric area rug will have the biggest impact on the living room. Even though Heidi has carpet in her living room, I wouldn’t be afraid of layering this rug on top. Rugs are a key piece in tying a room together and grounding all of the otherwise floating furniture pieces. This graphic navy rug is super affordable, even in large sizes!

21. Love this wooden “eat” sign for Heidi’s kitchen, a room that will probably serve as the most difficult to tie into the others. And since her kitchen is mostly neutrals, the bolder the accessories the better!

22. The next few selections are all possible dish towels, another easy way to bring in color to the kitchen. This hand-printed linen towel is a great option!

23. Block printed apple blossom dish towel.

24. Black printed navy dish towel.

25. These snow printed dinner napkins, along with table runners, centerpieces, etc are the best way to make Heidi’s dining area feel more cohesive with the other two rooms. She could also add a small rug beneath the table, maybe a Dash and Albert indoor-outdoor rugs that are super durable and easy to clean.

26.  An adorable heart-shaped feather print in watercolor.

27. These serving bowls are part of the same collected as the blue-dipped vases. Aside from their serving purposes they’d look great stacked in the kitchen on display or even a single one on the dining table.

28. Small rugs like this 2×3 rag rug are great for the kitchen area. Perfect in front of the kitchen sink area and great on your feet. And of course, another pop of color!

29. Love this blue owl archival print from one of my favorite Etsy shops!

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