December 11, 2012

Temporary Faux Fireplace

Both our current home and our previous home are lacking in the fireplace department. It’s definitely something on the top of our wish list for the addition come spring time, but we won’t have one in time for the holidays. So, every year about this time we struggle to come up with a solution for Christmas stockings. Especially now that we’ve gone from three to four of them. But not this year!

Instead of trying to come up with a logical place to hang our stockings we just painted a temporary fireplace instead!

Paint a Temporary Chalkboard FIreplace via

We had some leftover chalkboard paint from our kitchen calendar wall, and it seemed like a fun paint option for the kiddos. And I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a blast to chalk my dream fireplace to life. We chose to paint it on the large, empty wall in the hallway that leads to the bedrooms. We’re hoping to do something fun here down the road, but for now it’s pretty bare. A perfect contender!

And for anyone looking to get better oriented, here’s a few shots to better explain the placement of the fireplace.

Paint a Temporary Chalkboard FIreplace via

I started by taping off the outside shape with painters tape. Frog Tape if you want it done right 🙂 As far as the shape goes, I started by first sketching a fireplace shape on paper, based on a few inspiration pics I had, and then measured everything out on the wall.

Paint a Temporary Chalkboard FIreplace via

I don’t always lay down a drop cloth when painting, but I’ve noticed in the past that the chalkboard paint tends to splatter off the roller quite a bit. Maybe it’s just my own experience, but thought it’d be good to know for first-timers. About three coats of paint later she was looking pretty good.

Paint a Temporary Chalkboard FIreplace via

You’ll notice the roller marks in the photo above, but I snapped this just after painting, so they blended in as everything dried. I could not wait to rip that tape off!

Paint a Temporary Chalkboard FIreplace via

I ended up outlining the fireplace shape with the chalk. This gave it more of a finished look, rather than the just the lines of the dark paint up against the gray walls. I think the contrast was just a little much.

I’m definitely not the best artist in town by any means, so when it was time to draw the actual fire I turned to google for some inspirational pics. Turns out, I’m not the first person to chalk a temporary fireplace! Which I’m very thankful for since the fire below was exactly the look I was going for! Since we’re hoping to have a real fireplace by the time next Christmas rolls around, we were only concerned for a one-year option, but I’m loving what they did for a more long-term option!

Faux Mantel Wall Hanging


 Something else worth mentioning, we tried to use command strips to hang the stockings – ultimate fail. Not sure what the exact problem was, maybe the strips weren’t meshing with the chalkboard paint, but they all fell down several times within the first 24 hours. So, it may not be as pretty, be we switched them out with push-pins. So far so good 🙂

Paint a Temporary Chalkboard FIreplace via

Any other fireplace/ mantel alternatives out there? I was really surprised at the lack of options on the web. We can’t be the only ones without a fireplace…


23 thoughts on “Temporary Faux Fireplace

  1. Erin

    I love your chalkboard fireplace!! In our previous house, I hung our stockings from a chunky shelf I had mounted above our couch. My Mother-in-Law found a cute idea that solved the dilemma of how Santa would deliver presents without a fireplace to come down. She gave us a special key that is specifically for Santa to use to get in our house to deliver presents. It came with a little note explaining that we should hang the key on our door knob on Christmas Eve. A key very similar to the one in this link:

  2. Becky

    VERY cute!!! Great idea!! If we were still in our old house with no fireplace I’d do this in a heartbeat! But we have a beautiful one in the rental so now all I need to do is finish our stockings 🙂

  3. ms1128

    So cute and fun what a great idea. I also had problems using command strips for my stocking last year. They kept falling right off the mantel. I thought I was doing something wrong! Glad to know it’s not just me.

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