December 3, 2012

To the Window. To the Wall.

Zoey’s big girl room is slowly inching along. We drew up the plan, DIY’ed  a bed-rail, purchased an area rug, made a wall of framed DIY art, painted an ombre effect on a chest of drawers, took the first steps in her closet makeover,  and now we’re finally getting around to sharing her new window treatments. Well, part one of two. We’ve tackled the actual curtain panels, but the the windows themselves are still going to need a shade or blind of some sort. The ones we have up now came with the house and lets just say, it shouldn’t take your entire body weight pulling the string to open them. It’s an issue.

You guys have seen sneak peeks at the window treatments in previous posts, but we couldn’t pass up sharing the deets. And if you haven’t noticed, this is yet another Catch-up post. We were busy bees.

These panels are actually super simple. We just picked up two two-packs of Ikea’s Ferle curtains and used no-sew iron bonding tape from Michaels to trim them down to size. The pattern is really nice for a kid’s room. It’s a subtle, swirly white and light gray pattern, but I could easily see these in a main living space too. Plus at $15 for a pair, this only cost us $30 to do both of Zoey’s windows. Score.

No-Sew Curtains via Cape27 Blog

You guys are probably getting tired of me saying this, but I can’t stress enough what a large role window treatments play in a room. If you’re feeling like you have some great pieces and accessories but just can’t seem to make the room feel finished, check your windows. And I’m not afraid to admit, I’ve done this myself too many times to count.

The curtains rods were already in place, leftover from her previous curtains (now in Lizzy’s nursery), but in case you missed it, we used oil-rubbed bronze rings with clips and curtain rods from Lowe’s.

No-Sew Curtains via Cape27 Blog

I love how the gray tones pick up on the wall color and the area rug.

No-Sew Curtains via Cape27 Blog

Another update that I’ve failed to share is a new piece of art! It’s a complete understatement to say that I’m obsessed with it. I’ve been drooling over this print since I first saw it in an issue of Domino.. which says a lot, since that magazine was discontinued in like 2008 or something. Don’t even get me started on that topic :(

Anyway… I. Love. This. Art.

Get your own print here!

Warning – this is a terrible picture. I can’t seem to master taking pics near windows of frames with glass on them. It’s a work in progress and any tips would seriously be appreciated. Help a girl out.

No-Sew Curtains via Cape27 Blog

So there you have it. Windows and walls. Still a fairly hefty to-do list, but we’re making our way to the end!


17 thoughts on “To the Window. To the Wall.

  1. Amber

    i love her room! Great job! I am so inspired. As far as taking a photo of the art near the window, perhaps turn the blinds angled up a little to filter the light upward and soften it. (Up toward the window, rather than totally open or pointed to the floor).

  2. Staci

    I really love the print too!!
    For taking a picture, I would try drawing the curtains over the window to diffuse the light, then photographing from a different angle? This wouldn’t really work to get the window and the print in the same shot, but could help getting a good shot of the print and frame.

  3. jenna at homeslice

    I love the way it’s coming along.. it’s well designed but still really fun for her. Such a perfect mix! Hey I don’t know if you’re interested, but I have a giveaway on my blog this week.. $200 to Williams-sonoma, pottery barn, or west elm. Just spreading the word! :)

  4. KHilton

    So cute! My daughter is Zoey as well! Glad to see another “Zoey-with-a-Y” out there! (I found your blog while looking for pics of the Ferle curtains. Isn’t it amazing where Google will lead you?)

  5. Lis

    Hi! I’m another one led here by Googling for Ferle curatin images. :) Can you tell me if they’re really see-through? I’m in the middle of redecorating the kids’ room, and I want these for it. Love how the room is looking out, and that rug!

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Hi Lis,

      I wouldn’t say the Ferle curtains are see-through, but they’re in no way light-blocking. So, I wouldn’t suggest them if you’re looking to completely block out the sun, but they’re good enough for a little privacy!

      Hope that helps!

      1. Lis

        My goodness, I’ve been looking for this blog since I posted last, haha. Dummy me for not bookmarking, but now that I finally found it, I did. Thanks for your reply! I’m okay with a little light coming in, I just want to make sure the neighbors from across the courtyard can’t look in on us, haha. I’ll be checking them out on our next trip.


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