January 15, 2013

Mood Board: Amanda’s Living/ Office Space

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Here’s what Amanda had to say about her Living/ Office space:

My name is Amanda and I live in Australia with my hubby of 5 years and our two kiddies (4 and 3). I am in desperate need of some help to do some rooms in our house. Im lost as to where to put things and how to make it look homey and cozy.

We have a front room that I currently work in (I work from home) and it has my crafty stuff in. Currently I’m not attached to any pieces in this room at all. We also got some family photos done over the weekend so I would love to display them BIG around the house. Hate the dining chair as my work chair and it hurts my back! Hate the rug also. At the moment I’m loving yellow and teal colors.

I know we have a lot of dark furniture but I hate it. I love the light airy white feeling.I would also love to replace the curtains in both rooms. So I really need help with storage, pieces, layouts etc. PLEASE help me!!! I have been losing sleep over these rooms!!

And here’s what I came up with!

Mood Board: Amanda's Living/ Office Space | Cape27Blog.com

Wall color: Sherwin Williams’ Mindful Gray – a soft gray that will serve as a neutral backdrop for accessorizing with color!
1. Dotted Medallion Curtain Panels– I chose these dotted medallion curtain panels for Amanda’s front window. The window panels should just graze the interior of the window frame, allowing as much possible light to pass through.

2. Photos on Canvas – I immediately thought of these printed photos on canvas when Amanda mentioned wanting to display her family pictures. They’re huge and so adorable. Similar sizes can be found at Shutterfly.

3. White MALM Desk – Amanda already owned this desk, which we chose to incorporate into the design. It has great modern lines and works well with the other white decor in the design. Check out selection number 8 for more details on this piece.

4. Dark Gray Office Chair – This office chair should clear up any comfort issues she’s been having with her current dining chair. The gray fabric contrasts nicely with all the white pieces and it’s fairly petite, which is great for the small space.

5. White LACK Wall Shelves – I suggested using two of these thick wall shelves directly above Amanda’s desk area. They’ll provide additional storage for her office area and hopefully keep the desk area clutter free!
6. Turquoise Magazine Files – Line the shelves with plenty of these paper storage options. I chose white and a nice turquoise color to add an extra pop of color.
7. & 9. Bright Yellow Table Lamp – I placed two of these yellow table lamps in the room. Not only is a desk lamp a must, but using the same lamp in both the office area as well as the living space will help tie the spaces together. It also makes it less obvious that you have an office area in your living room.
8. Moroccan Furniture Stencil – A great option to spruce up Amanda’s current desk! I love this stencil option for the two drawers. She could do a pretty turquoise color (like in the photo) or even a bright yellow. Add some hardware to the drawers to personalize the piece even more!
10. White Narrow-Leg End Table – To keep the space bright and airy I chose all white or light furniture pieces. This end table is actually a bedside table, but works great with the design. Drawers are always nice to have for extra storage and the lower half could be used for books, displaying decorative objects, or even storage for basket to collect remotes & tv accessories.
11. Beige Sofa – already owned
15. Teal Dhurrie Rug – This bold turquoise rug will look fantastic against Amanda’s light wood flooring and it serves as a great base for all the light furniture.
16. Beige Armchair – This lounge chair would provide a great place to cozy up with a book and the kiddos, and it provides a little extra seating in the space.

18. Clear Acrylic Coffee Table – Because Amanda’s living space is so multi-functional and tight on space, I chose a transparent acrylic coffee table. You’ll have the function of a coffee table, but it won’t take up any visual space, opening up the room as much as possible.
19. Ceramic Bubble Side Table – You guys know I’m a fan of these. Ceramic stools are perfect for small spaces. It allows for a spot to set down a drink, a book, or even extra seating in a pinch!

20. Gray Floor Pillows – Another option for the kids to snuggle up with a book are these giant floor cushions. They’re super comfortable and can be tossed anywhere! Great for movie watching on the floor too since the seating is limited.

21. White Media Center – Amanda sent an inspiration photo with a similar media center that would be great for the space. However, the price was a little steep. This one is nearly half the price! There are also plenty of other size options (slimmer bookcases on the side) that could be swapped out if size is an issue. The center portion is perfect for storing dvd’s, games, etc. and the the bookcases have endless opportunities. Additonal office storage, children’s books, toys in baskets, photos, decorative objects, you name it! The important part here is have both closed and open storage, which can be done by layering in plenty of baskets, bins, and small decorative boxes.

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  1. Amanda Ross

    I love my moodboard and am slowly (aka hubby is flat out at work and cant help me!) getting things today. I went for a trip at Ikea recently to look at bits and get a feel for them! I can not wait to get started and i secretly look at my moodboard everyday haha! I got to get cracking on this one so i can get jessie working her magic on the others! Thanks jessie! You are awsome 😀


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