January 25, 2013

That’s Pinteresting

Occasionally, I come across something so inspiring that it makes it’s way onto one of my Pinterest boards. And by occasionally, I mean several times a day. Pin Problems.

And what better way to feed my addiction than to transplant it here? So, every Friday I’ll now dedicate a post to highlighting a few of my favorite projects, pics, etc, found floating around Pinterest from the week. Which doesn’t mean that Fridays are solely for this series. I may periodically pop in with with an extra post as well!
Now, on with “That’s Pinteresting!”

Psst- Sorry I’ve been a bit light on the posts this week. Ricky has been working extra hours, which means I’m working less. Excuse, excuse, blah, blah. We’ll be back in full swing this coming week 🙂

We’ll start off with a bang. Possibly my favorite bathroom to date. Those black windows, that vanity, the mirror. You have my heart. Yes, a bathroom.. has my heart.

Gorgeous Rustic-Mod Bath


Such an inspiring workspace. Loving the girly vibe.

An Inspiring Work Space


I have some really fun posts for you guys next week, including some major kitchen organization going on around here. Here’s Martha, doing it right again, with an under-the-sink organizer.

Under the Sink Organizer


We do not need a second play kitchen (ours here) but IF we did, this is just adorable.

Adorable Play Kitchen


Watercolor over white crayon. I’m definitely going to be trying this out with the girls. Would be so fun for homemade birthday and holiday cards!

Watercolor Over White Crayon


Haha. Although, I’m willing to bet this might aggravate more people than just designers.

Designer's Nightmare


A gorgeous mid-century desk makeover.

A Mid-Century Desk gets a Modern Update


There’s no lack of Ikea sheepskins at our house.  How cute is this DIY for the backside of them?

DIY for the back side of the ikea ludde sheepskin


Not sure why it’s taken me so long to pin this, but a fabulous collection of legos.. organized. by. color. Yes, please.

Legos Organized by Color


White, bright home office done right. Ohh, she’s got rhymes. Boom.

10 Small Space Home Offices




Ricky has been whipping up a workbench in the garage (more on this soon). So, naturally, I went to Pinterest for inspiration.

Organized Workbench


This is somewhat ironic right now. Our electric went out just as I’d started wrapping up this post. Everything gone. Guess I’ll find the time to do it over, ha.

Do It Right.


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5 thoughts on “That’s Pinteresting

  1. [email protected] pineapple and coconut

    I LOVE your That’s Pinteresting posts. I look forward to these. I pinned the garage workbench plans. My husband will love it. We tore out the cabinets from the kitchen we are remodeling and moved some of them to the garage for his workbench/tool storage. And That mini kitchen is so cute – I saw that at Ikea right after we bought the one we did for our girls. I am contemplating getting it and making it into a ” mud pie” kitchen for them for outside when we move in to our new house.

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      So glad you’re enjoying the Pinterest posts! Reusing kitchen cabinets in the garage is a great idea. We’re actually doing the same with a few extra cabinets we have! I’d love to see the mud pie kitchen if you do it, sounds so fun!



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