February 19, 2013

Mood Board: Jennifer’s Living Space

Back with another mood board today! Get your own personalized mood board here :)

Here’s what Jennifer had to say about her living space:

“The living room is really the heart of the home.  Not only is it the first room you see when you enter, it’s where we relax, often play games, have movie night, end our day, etc.  It’s a room in which I want our family (my husband, and kids 7 and 9 and dog) and friends to feel welcome, cozy, and relaxed.  I want the house to be US!

I’m very happy to repurpose any piece of furniture, accessory, etc. you see that will work in that space – every penny counts and the basement is overflowing!  However, please don’t change any of your first instincts in order to accommodate those items.

I LOVE mid-century, natural, earthy materials… however, I can appreciate the craftsmanship that went into vintage/antique furniture with lots of curves and character. Watercolor, patterns, ethnic – I really like it all, but never know how to mix them without it looking too busy in the room and making me dizzy! While I love neutrals, my husband feels the need for color, and I tend to agree, so a bit of a pop would be great.”

And here’s what I came up with!

Custom Mood Boards | Cape27Blog.com

Note: As some of you may have noticed, I did not include links to the products within the mood board. Unfortunately, I’ve made the choice, based on several reasons, to no longer provide them here on the blog. As much as I’d love to, providing links a second time is extremely time consuming. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you won’t have access to sources! I create Pinterest boards specific to each and every mood board that I create. You can simply hop on over and scroll to find any product you may be interested in! Here’s the direct link to Jennifer’s Living Space!

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10 thoughts on “Mood Board: Jennifer’s Living Space

  1. Holly

    Love it!! I’m loving gold accessories these days, I’m currently decorating my baby’s nursery with pops of gold. LOVE the deer head print, will def have to check it out on the Pinterest board!

  2. Jaime

    I love #26, the wall art! The color scheme looks great and the accents you chose are perfect!

    Stopping by from the linkup:)

    Jaime {Toby’s Tails}

  3. Katie

    I love this look you put together. We are finishing our basement and I’m hoping to use this as inspiration for our new space. You have such great taste. I love reading your blog!


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