March 13, 2013

Mood Board: Caroline’s Dining Space

Back with another mood board today! Get your own personalized mood board here 🙂

A few weeks ago we shared Caroline’s Living Space, and today we’re working on her dining space. Here’s a recap of what Caroline had to say:

“I am on a very strict budget and am self motivated and willing to put in my time in some DIY projects :) I work at home, so I am always looking at our house and it looks skeletal, sterile, and so naked. I am so afraid of color, and I know we need it so badly! Everything is tan (my husband bought and started the reno before I came along) in the travertine flooring, “antique bone” by Ralph Lauren wall color, brown cabinetry and granite. 

Our furniture is very dark, almost black and I don’t know what was thinking when we chose it (actually I wasn’t thinking years ago, I am now finally aware of what I “like” not what I need). Everything is brown-furniture, flooring, walls (my husband will not let me change these things) and if I were involved in choosing finishes it would be a very light grey, hardwood flooring, and white cabinetry-alas, I need to be thankful we have a house and a nice one! So I need to work with what I have…

I know I don’t have the finishes I would love, which would be hardwood flooring and less TAN..but I am open to whatever you think is fitting for the space, color, etc that we have and working with it. I am loving grey right now, but maybe with a touch of taupe in it to work with the flooring. I have always been a more of a cool color person, in the blues and greens family, not as much of the reds and oranges. I love homey, eclectic, not too trendy, and am open to some projects to save money. “

And here’s what I came up with!
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Note: As some of you may have noticed, I did not include links to the products within the mood board. Unfortunately, I’ve made the choice, based on several reasons, to no longer provide them here on the blog. As much as I’d love to, providing links a second time is extremely time consuming. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you won’t have access to sources! I create Pinterest boards specific to each and every mood board that I create. You can simply hop on over and scroll to find any product you may be interested in! Here’s the direct link to Caroline’s Dining Space!

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5 thoughts on “Mood Board: Caroline’s Dining Space

  1. Alyssa

    Love this. I’m going to be inheriting some dark wood furniture that’s a bit more traditional and feminine than I would ordinarily pick. Mixing in some of the patterns and color you suggested here will allow me to make the feeling more “transitional.”


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