March 27, 2013

Mood Board: Janette’s Living Space

Back with another mood board today! Get your own personalized mood board here 🙂

Here’s what Janette had to say about her living space:

“Where to start? First – no piece of furniture is safe or staying if I have my way.  Our couch/over sized chair have both seen better days, and I really would like something L-shaped if you think it can work in the room.  Nothing that is going to break the bank…and it can’t be too big, because the room isn’t all that big.  

The wall color is Kelly Moore Wise Owl and it can’t change.  Because of the vaulted ceilings it’s too big of an ordeal to paint.  When I picked the color I was 4 months pregnant and just wanting to get something done on the house, so I closed my eyes and picked it.  If I could go back, I would pick something with more of a gray to it.  

We need a big rug for the space and some curtains ASAP.  It’s cold in there because of the ceilings and no attic space for insulation. The rug needs to be an 8×10 to fit the room.  No idea on window coverings.    

I think if we spent $2k or less on the room that would be fine, especially if some of that $2k came from our leftover gift cards, DIYing, etc.. We are a family of 3 + a small pooch. So any decor needs to be family/kid friendly. I want it comfortable, cozy, and inviting. In terms of color – we need some! 🙂 Nothing too crazy bright, but I am drawn to neutrals with pops of color for sure.  Oh, I almost forgot….we have ZERO artwork on our walls.  Nada.  So having some inspiration in that area would be helpful too.”

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Note: As some of you may have noticed, I did not include links to the products within the mood board. Unfortunately, I’ve made the choice, based on several reasons, to no longer provide them here on the blog. As much as I’d love to, providing links a second time is extremely time consuming. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you won’t have access to sources! I create Pinterest boards specific to each and every mood board that I create. You can simply hop on over and scroll to find any product you may be interested in! Here’s the direct link to Janette’s Living Space!

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8 thoughts on “Mood Board: Janette’s Living Space

  1. Britt

    I love this, but when you do your mood boards, I wish you would explain why/where you did each piece! You don’t have to include links… just an explanation! 🙂

  2. kristinfrombliss

    Hi, Jessie 🙂 Popping over from Aimee’s blog. I love your house and style! Just added you to my bloglovin’ and gave you some media love. xo Kristin

  3. Trin @ ramsaygrace (@ramsaygrace)

    Hi Jessie~Just took a peak at your precious house via It’s Overflowing and had to stop by. I am in l-o-v-e…..Seriously, I wish you were my neighbor so I could invite you over to show me what to do with my own hot mess of a home, lol. Of course, I HAD to start following too, so I don’t miss a thing. Looking forward to reading more. 🙂

  4. Catherine Cournoyer

    Hi Jessie.. just wondering where you got the coffee table for this board. I need this table! Thank you. Catherine


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