March 12, 2013

Pink & Gold Polka Dot Party

We celebrated Lizzy’s 1st birthday this past weekend, but today is her actual birthday. Cue the tears. Ok, I’m not typically that emotional (*hubs laughing in the background) so we’ll skip all the sentimental crap and cut to the party. We kept it pretty small, with close family, and the decorations were fairly simple and casual, nothing over the top. Lizzy had a blast and if you know Zoey, well, she’s always thrilled to be surrounded by people and soaking up the attention.

Pink & Gold Polka Dot Party |

I try not to go full out ‘themey’ (technical term) with parties, but I do like to have something in mind to provide as guidance during the planning stages. For Lizzy’s party we chose polka dots and a pink and gold color scheme. So girly. So fun.

Pink & Gold Polka Dot Party |

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen this sneak peak at the table setting. A simple yellow and bamboo serving tray to corral a few smaller pieces. I threw together this flower arrangement using the cheapy flowers at Kroger. Did you know they sell billy buttons now?? Heck yes.

Pink & Gold Polka Dot Party |

We really aren’t the kind to prepare huge meals for company, so we kept it stress free with a few pizzas and geared our attention towards making the sweets extra fun! My mom gave us the Babycakes cake pop maker for Christmas last year and I finally got the opportunity to fire it up. I was super intimidated by all the adorable cake pops floating around Pinterest, but it was so incredibly easy. And I learned quickly, if all else fails, cover it in sprinkles.


We also sported these sprinkle dipped pretzels at Zoey’s 1st birthday, so it was only fitting to have them again for Lizzy. They’re always a crowd pleaser.


I made a polka dot string banner for above the dining room bench seat, the heart of the party display. The dots are double sided, made with a circle punch, double sided tape, and scrapbook paper. Again, really easy stuff here, but the pink and gold glitter paper was so adorable and worth the effort!

Pink & Gold Polka Dot Party |

The last little project we whipped up were some polka dot confetti balloons, following this tutorial. I’d be surprised if this was the last time we used these at birthday parties! So cute!

Pink & Gold Polka Dot Party |

The party was definitely a success :)


Today, we’re both taking the day from anything work related and we’ve planned a few small things to make the day extra special for our little girl!


15 thoughts on “Pink & Gold Polka Dot Party

  1. Darren Louis

    Thanks for sharing these lovely ideas. Its a refreshing change from over-sized cartoon figures. I will surely keep these in mind while planning for birthday parties for kids.

  2. meganatbalancinghome

    super cute! Baby #3 is coming mid April and baby #2 is turning 2 May 12. I will be having a c/s so I have been starting to think of birthday ideas now, since post surgery/newborn baby probably wont be the best time to party plan. I just can’t leave her in the cold. I was thinking of just sticking with a color theme to make it simple. Your party is exactly what I had in mind!

  3. Chaney

    That garland is absolutely adorable!! I’m going to have to take a cue from you and make one myself. :) Looks like Lizzy had a lovely party!!

  4. Brittany Walsh

    Wanted to let you know I found your blog through pinterest. I’m loving all your DIY Projects. The Mr. and I love projects :) Can’t wait to follow along…new follower :)

  5. Jenn @ Home Style Report

    This is so cute! I bet you all had a blast. I wish I would have seen your string banner before I threw my friends baby shower…totally would have stolen that idea!

    On another note…I’m also from the Cincinnati area and I was wondering if you knew of any Cincinnati blogger events? I’m looking to become more active in the community and would love to meet some fellow bloggers…especially DIYers!

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Hi Jenn!

      I wish I know of a local blogger event, I’d be there in a heartbeat.. I’ll keep an ear out :)


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