March 1, 2013

That’s Pinteresting

Occasionally, I come across something so inspiring that it makes it’s way onto one of my Pinterest boards. And by occasionally, I mean several times a day. Pin Problems.

And what better way to feed my addiction than to transplant it here? So, every Friday I’ll now dedicate a post to highlighting a few of my favorite projects, pics, etc, found floating around Pinterest from the week. Which doesn’t mean that Fridays are solely for this series. I may periodically pop in with with an extra post as well!
Now, on with “That’s Pinteresting!”

Every time we pass by the lack tables at Ikea I think what a great height they are for kids’ tables. Officially confirmed. This makeover is so adorable and packed with function!

Lego Meets Lack


I’m pulling so much inspiration from this little gallery wall. We’re implementing something similar in two rooms in our home. More on that soon 🙂

Artwork Display


We’re wrapping up drywall in the mudroom/laundry room this week (!!!!) and this photo has me bursting with excitement.

Organized Laundry & Mudroom


Ok. Where can I do this.. Must have.

Lovely WIndow Detailing


There are so many beautiful aspects to this room, but I’m eyeing that whitewashed brick in the background. We’ll have an exposed brick wall in the new addition… white wash? Maybe we can pull it off 🙂

White Washed Brick


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