March 8, 2013

That’s Pinteresting

Occasionally, I come across something so inspiring that it makes it’s way onto one of my Pinterest boards. And by occasionally, I mean several times a day. Pin Problems.

And what better way to feed my addiction than to transplant it here? So, every Friday I’ll now dedicate a post to highlighting a few of my favorite projects, pics, etc, found floating around Pinterest from the week. Which doesn’t mean that Fridays are solely for this series. I may periodically pop in with with an extra post as well!
Now, on with “That’s Pinteresting!”

Can you tell we’ve been hacking away at the laundry room lately? My pins are definitely showing it. Who says you can’t have style in a tiny laundry room?

Stylish Small-Space Laundry


All the tips you ever needed to organize your linens like a BOSS.

Linen Closet Tips & Tricks


Pinterest. You’ve outdone yourself.

hanger + shower curtain rings = scarf hanger


Just came across this adorable idea from a few years back. Use framed quote bubbles and a dry erase marker to leave messages and reminders to family. Love.

Frame quote bubbles, use a dry erase marker to write notes/reminders to family.


Another fabulous (and free!) web font roundup by Bre.

Favorite Web Fonts for Bloggers


Peacock blues and lime greens. Yes, I’ll have that.

blue + green palette with gold


See all this pinning action in real time by following me on Pinterest!

Pssst – I’ll be back with a second post later today covering some fun progress we’ve made around the house! 


7 thoughts on “That’s Pinteresting

  1. [email protected]

    That laundry room is super inspiring. I’ve been hanging my scarves like that for years. Now I’ve actually cut out the hanger now and I just reserve a section of my closet bar and hang the shower curtain rings directly on the bar.

  2. Heather

    I’ve been following you on Pinterest and love it all!!! I actually tried to make those conversation bubbles last week, but my hole punch wasn’t quite long enough to reach into the paper. And the holes were too small. And pretty much it didn’t look anything like Chez Larsson’s. But I WILL try again!! (now to find a wall I can paint aqua…. heehee)

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  4. Michelle C.

    Really enjoyed your ideas! Thanks for sharing. We love giving our clients great DIY tips, and the scarf hanger will definitely be shared! Happy Organizing 🙂


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